Graduate Council Members

  • Dr. Karen Koehler, Graduate Council Chair
  • Dr. Jodi Dunham
  • Dr. Doug Darbro
  • Dr. John Whitaker
  • Dr. Mikel Stone
  • Dr. Jennifer Scott
  • Dr. Debra Knutson
  • Dr. Ann Marie Allen
  • Dr. Jim Reneau
  • Dr. Jason Lovins
  • Dr. David DeSario, Faculty Director of Graduate Programs
  • Dr. Kim Inman, Dean of College of Arts and Sciences
  • Dr. Christine Raber, Interim Dean of College of Professional Studies
  • Dr. Jennifer Pauley, Associate Provost
  • Dr. Sunil Ahuja, Provost and Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs
  • Tamara Sheets, Registrar
  • Bobbi Madden, Graduate School Administrator

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Graduate Student Representative

As a graduate student at Shawnee State University, you are represented in the campus governance process by a graduate student representative to the Student Government Association (SGA) and the Graduate Council (GC). You may contact the SGA representative with any comments or concerns that you feel should be communicated to either the SGA or the Graduate Council. 

2022-23 Graduate Council Student Representative:

Erin Rice

Graduate Faculty

English & Humanities
Debra Knutson
Jennifer Scott 
Marc Scott 
Doug Darbro
Duane Skaggs
John Whitaker
Phil Blau
David DeSario
Occupational Therapy
Alissa Cannoy
Ann Marie Allen
Barbra Warnock
Christine Raber
Elizabeth Legg
Jordan Bowling
Mikel Stone
Sandra Allen
Teresa Buster
Angela Stevens
Cassandra Addis
Public Health
Leeann Denning
Alice Stephens
School of Education
Paul Madden
Charles Kemp
Doug Sturgeon
Jodi Dunham
Karen Koehler
Kejing Liu
Kimberly Cassidy
Michele Moohr
Robin Finley
Sandra Beam
Margaret Briley
School of Business
Jason Lovins
Jim Reneau
Lincoln Pettaway
Seongcheol Paeng

Chancellor’s Council on Graduate Studies

Meeting Minutes