In general, you may satisfy the Quantitative Reasoning of the General Education Program by completing one of the following courses:

Course Title Hours
MATH 1100 Mathematics Core Course 3
MATH 1170 Applied Finite Mathematics 3
MATH 1200 College Algebra 3
MATH 1250 Trigonometry 3
MATH 1900 Brief Calculus with Applications 4
MATH 2110 Calculus 1 4
STAT 1150 Principles of Statistics 3
STAT 1800 Business Statistics 5
STAT 2500 Statistics 1 3
MATH 1000 Reasoning Using Mathematics 3
MATH 1000A Reasoning With Mathematics Plus 3
MATH 1200A College Algebra Plus 3
STAT 1150A Principles of Statistics Plus 3
PHIL 1105 Introduction to Logic 3

However, some academic programs may require a specific MATH/STAT course to satisfy the General Education Program requirements. You should check with your faculty advisor before registering for a MATH/STAT course to see if it is one appropriate to your program and that you have fulfilled the course prerequisite.