Shawnee State University recognizes that there may be times when students have compelling reasons to interrupt their studies due to medical, mental health, or military reasons. Students who fall under these circumstances can apply for a Voluntary Leave of Absence.

A Voluntary Leave of Absence is an interruption in a student's formal education and may be granted to students due to a medical event or military duties. While students who are given a Leave of Absence are not enrolled in classes, they are not withdrawn from Shawnee State University and, therefore, remain on a matriculating hiatus status in the University's systems.

Medical Leave of Absence

Students may apply for a Medical Leave of Absence if temporarily unable to continue in their program due to illness or injury. A student may be approved for a medical leave of absence by the Dean of Students.

Request Leave of Absence

Military Leave of Absence

Students may apply for a military leave of absence to fulfill service in the armed forces.

Request Leave of Absence