The following object codes and their descriptions are intended to help cardholders reallocate transactions to the proper accounting code, as necessary.

Benefit Expense

58901—Employee Uniforms
THIS OBJECT CODE IS FOR FACILITIES DEPARTMENT USE ONLY. Expenses related to the purchase of uniforms for maintenance, utility, and custodial employees should be charged to this object code. (Refer to the most recent CWA contract for uniform provisions.)

External Professional Services

65105—External Professional Services
Examples include, but are not limited to: Design services, online-broadcasts (Webinars), and teleconferences.


61101—Office Supplies
Examples include, but are not limited to: pens, pencils, markers, hi-lighters, binders, paper clips, calendars/refills, CD’s, disks, toner cartridges, folders, calculator tape, tape dispensers, post-it notes, copy and computer printer paper, etc.

61102—Instructional Supplies
Examples include, but are not limited to: chalk, class record books, blue books, lab supplies, art supplies, textbooks and other copyrighted materials used for instructional purposes, dental clinic supplies, and other related instructional supplies.

61103—Computer Software & Hardware & Supplies
Examples include, but are not limited to: computer software programs, replacement parts such as speakers, keyboard, and mouse, computer cards that expand memory, carrying cases for lap tops, etc. NOTE: Printer ribbons, paper, or toner cartridges should be purchased out of object code 61101, above.

61104—Maintenance & Custodial Supplies
Examples include, but are not limited to: soaps, detergents, waxes, disinfectants, buckets, brooms, mops, hand tools, nuts, bolts, nails, tacks, paper towels, vacuum cleaner bags, light bulbs, etc.

61105—Printing & Photocopying Supplies
THIS OBJECT CODE IS FOR PRINT SHOP USE ONLY. Toner cartridge purchases should be charged to object code 61101, above.

61106—Athletic Supplies
Examples include, but are not limited to: bandages, shoes, balls, nets, mats, bats, uniforms, first aid kits, etc.

61107—Miscellaneous Supplies
Supplies that do not fit in any of the categories listed above.

Travel and Entertainment

Examples include, but are not limited to: conference registration fees, airline tickets, hotel charges, mileage allowance, per diem for meals while traveling, parking costs, tolls, rental cars (when other travel expenses are incurred), gas for rental cars, etc.

62102—Fuel Gasoline

62103—Adjunct Travel
Mileage paid to an adjunct faculty member for travel to and from class, as defined in University policy.

62104—Clinical Travel
Mileage paid to employees in allied health who go to hospitals, medical labs, etc. to oversee Shawnee State University students doing clinical.



62108—Off Campus Conference Workshops

62109—Meals with Detailed Receipt



62112—Cab Fare Shuttle Service

62113—Car Rental

62114—Miscellaneous Supplies

62115—Per Diem Allowance

62116—Purchases Reimbursable to University

62117—Faculty Enrichment

Examples include, but are not limited to: catering charges (to Aladdin or others) for meetings held on or off campus, search committee meals with candidates, retreat meals, etc. NOTE: Meals while traveling are paid at current University “per diem” rates and are charged to object code 6210.

Information, Communication, and Shipping

Examples include, but are not limited to: ads in newspapers, magazines, on the internet, in telephone books, athletic programs, and other publications.

63102—Advertising - Clothing
Examples include, but are not limited to: T-shirts, polos, sweatshirts and other clothing which bears the University logo and promotes the University. This does not include athletic, custodial, or maintenance uniforms.

63199—Advertising - Miscellaneous
Examples include, but are not limited to: imprinted pencils, pens, cups, and other items which bear the University logo and promote the University.

63201—Membership Dues
The only membership dues eligible for University expenditure are those that are “institutional.” “Institutional” memberships are in the name of the University and continue even if a designated representative leaves the institution. Exceptions, which are rare, must be approved by the Controller’s Office prior to payment of the dues.

63202—Entry Fees
Examples include, but are not limited to: fees paid for athletic teams to participate in meets or other athletic events, fees for admission staff to participate in college fairs off campus, fees for students or student organizations for participation in, or representation at, events in other locations, etc.

63203—On-Campus Webinar Workshop

61105—Printing & Binding
Examples include, but are not limited to: charges to departments for printing and binding services provided by the University's Print Shop; printing outside the University (only with the prior approval of the Director of Purchasing).

63301—Basic Telephone Charges & Telecommunications
Examples include, but are not limited to: the purchase of telephones, cell phones, paging devices; monthly telephone, cell phone, and pager charges (unless charges are assessed under a service contract (see object code 64205) or lease agreement (see object code 64206).

63301—Long Distance Phone Charges

63303—Telephone/WATTS Line

63501—Postage & Delivery Expenses
Examples include, but are not limited to: stamps, Fed Ex and UPS charges, certified mail, postage for the main university postage machines in the mailroom., etc.

63502—Purchased Publications
Examples include, but are not limited to: books that are purchased for general office use. NOTE: See object code 61102 for books to be used by faculty related to teaching a for-credit class.

Maintenance & Repairs

64101—Maintenance of Buildings, Equipment, and Vehicles
Used predominantly by the Facilities Department, examples include, but are not limited to: keys, vacuum cleaner bags, floor cleaning supplies, light bulbs, small hand tools, locksmith services, pest control services, oil changes of university vehicles, etc.

64102—Maintenance of Grounds (under $5,000)
Examples include, but are not limited to: plants, trees, fertilizers, mulch, sprinklers, etc.

64103—Repair of Movable Equipment and Vehicles
Examples include, but are not limited to: repair of university vehicles, replacement parts for university vehicles (such as batteries, tires, etc.); repair of printers, typewriters, etc.

64206—Facilities & Equipment Leases
Examples include, but are not limited to: the leasing of facilities off campus for the storage of goods, printer leases, copier leases (only with the prior approval of the Director of Purchasing), etc.

64106—Equipment & Non-Travel Vehicle Rentals
Examples include, but are not limited to: rentals of equipment and vehicles (not related to travel) for university business purposes. NOTE: For vehicles rented for travel purposes, see 62101. Bus transportation that includes a driver and gas should be charged to 65105.

64201—Maintenance Buildings Equipment

64202—Grounds Maintenance 1 (Over $5,000)

64203—Repair Movable equipment

64204—Rentals 1 (Over $5,000)

64205—Service Contracts, Maintenance Agreements, Cable
Examples include, but are not limited to: copier maintenance agreements, cable service agreements, pest control service agreements, software maintenance and service agreements, phone service agreements, etc.

64206—Leases 1 (Over $5,000)

Utility Object Codes


64501—Gas Used for Heat & Power

64502—Light & Power

64503—Water & Sewage

64504—Waste Collection (trash removal)

64505—Hazardous Waste Collection (removal of hazardous materials and chemicals)


68101—Office Equipment (Under $5,000) 
Use of this object code is restricted to the purchase of equipment with a per-unit cost of less than $5,000. Examples include, but are not limited to, calculators, cameras, file cabinets, chairs, tables, fax machines. Note: The purchase of telecommunications equipment (such as telephones and pagers) should be charged to object code “63301.”

68104—Educational Equipment (Under $5,000)

68105—Food Service Equipment (Under $5,000)

68199—Other Equipment (Under $5,000)

69108—Library Books 1



65103—Athletic Officials

65105—Other Professional Services Expense

65106—Bus Service

65107—Accreditation Annual Fee

66113—Monetary Prizes

66199—Miscellaneous Expense