Cardholders may not receive cash back for any refunds or exchanges. Such amounts must be credited to the PCard account. In the event a refund or rebate is received by check or cash, the cardholder should complete a Deposit Transmittal form and hand-carry it, along with the check or cash, to the Bursar's Office. Attach the original deposit receipt (issued by the Bursar's Office) and the pink copy of the Deposit Transmittal form to your PCard reconciliation.

NOTE: Deposit Transmittal forms are available outside the Bursar's Office.

If a cardholder inadvertently makes a personal charge to his card, he must notify his department reviewer, write a check immediately (made payable to Shawnee State University), and submit it to his budget manager for deposit with the Bursar's Office. After the deposit has been made, via a Deposit Transmittal Form, the original receipt issued by the Bursar's Office, the pink copy of the form, and a copy of the check must be made part of the PCard documentation.

IMPORTANT! The Purchasing Card is strictly for official Shawnee State University business. Personal purchases should never be placed on the PCard.

The Deposit Transmittal Form is used to refund items purchased using the PCARD, such as:

  • Personal purchases inadvertently placed on the PCard.
  • Reimbursements received from third parties.
  • Refunds from merchants.
  • Rebates

Note: Refunds MUST be made immediately for personal charges inadvertently placed on the card.

The Deposit Transmittal Form is located on the Bursar page.