Weather Alerts

The National Weather Service issues watches and warnings to alert the community to severe weather. A watch means conditions are right for severe weather to develop, while a warning means severe weather has developed and threatens areas in its path.

If a severe weather warning affects campus, Public Safety will activate the emergency siren. The emergency siren is tested between 11 and 11:30 am every Wednesday, allowing you to determine whether it can be heard in your location on campus.

If a tornado or severe thunderstorm poses an imminent threat to campus, an emergency text message and e-mail alert will be issued, and information will be shared on the website and Shawnee App. Keep your registered device turned on and close by if severe weather is expected.

Tornado Warning

If a tornado warning is issued for your area, remain calm and follow these steps:

  • Proceed to an area of safety; if you are inside a building, proceed to the designated shelter area. All buildings on campus have posted shelters in place on the first floors (located in the basement for Massie Hall and Clark Memorial Library) that students, faculty, and staff will be directed to shelter in until an “all clear” is announced.
  • If you are in a building with no designated shelter area, go to the lowest level you can and move toward the center of the structure. Avoid windows and do not go outside.
  • Shelter under a heavy desk or table; curl up face down and use your hands to protect your head.
  • If you are outside, curl up in a drainage ditch or low-lying area. Do not try to outrun a tornado.
  • If your building is damaged by a tornado, evacuate it as soon as the danger has passed. Do not move around inside a damaged building more than is necessary to escape. Call 911 to provide authorities with information about the damage, any known hazards such as fires or gas leaks, and the presence of any injured or trapped persons. Follow the procedures for medical emergencies if you encounter injured victims.

Emergency Contact Information

In the event you need to contact campus security or outside authorities, refer to the Emergency Contact Information provided by Campus Police and Public Safety.

Emergency phone: (740) 351-3232

Non-Emergency phone: (740) 351-3243


EMERGENCY 911 SERVICE from any Campus Desk Phone: DIAL 911

Policies & Procedures Related to Campus Closure for Emergencies

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