Payment must be made in the form of a money order or government agency issued check made payable to Shawnee State University, or it can be made online at the link below. Cash or personal checks can not be accepted. For more information, call Security at (740) 351-3243 or DPS Representative at (740) 351-3266.

What do I need to bring with me?

You need to bring a photo ID that includes your date of birth, current address, and the name and address of the employer/ SSU Dept. to whom the results will be sent. The agency or business requesting that you have your fingerprints taken should provide you with a fingerprint card if one is needed. All persons 17 years of age and younger must have a parent and/or guardian present during the background process. 

FBI / BCI Reason Code Requirement

FBI and BCI WebChecks have a specific reason code, a series of numbers and/or letters that define the reason you are being fingerprinted. Separate reason codes for the FBI and BCI are required for all WebCheck fingerprinting. Please refer to the person or organization requesting the fingerprints for the code you need. Public Safety personnel cannot assist you in finding the correct code.

BCI and FBI background checks can only be completed for employment in Ohio, applying for an Ohio license or as a requirement for an Ohio school (Higher Education included). Requesting company must be VECHS certified, if you are being fingerprinted under FBI code: Volunteer Children Act. All applicants must show proof of requesting company's VECHS approval.

Criminal Background Check Payment