Initiating a Departmental Technology Request

This form serves to collect key data in order to make well-informed decisions in regards to the technology that is evaluated, selected and supported on campus. Completing this form and submitting it to ITS for evaluation will ensure that technology is evaluated based on a managed process; that key decision makers who need to be committed to the effort are involved in the process of evaluation and selection, and that those who support and champion the implementation of technology are identified.

Furthermore, the information collected will ensure there is a thoughtful consideration into the appropriate level of support needed for user success. It serves to identify funding for the acquisition, installation and support of the technology for initial purchase and on a long-term basis.

ITS will share this information with those who are responsible for approval, and secure the necessary authorizations to proceed with planned efforts. This process is meant to work in conjunction with the contract work flow established to ensure that full consideration has been given to any legal terms and conditions associated with the technology acquisition.

Individual/Departmental Information
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Project/Program Description (What technology?)
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Cost Estimates*
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* Note - ITS will be able to assist in determining bandwidth and cost estimates