The Primary Intervention Specialist Blended (Grades PreK-5) Program prepares teachers as learner-centered, inquiring professionals. 

Successful completers of the EDPI Program will have two licenses-Primary Education (Prek-5) and Primary Intervention Specialist (Pre-k--5). Teacher preparation should be demonstrated through the capacity outcomes of its graduates, their knowledge and ability to teach. This effectiveness can be further translated in P-12 classrooms, demonstrated by the learning outcomes of the school-age learners.

The Primary Intervention Specialist Blended Prek-5 Licensure Program prepares students by using the clinical model, which puts the students in Prek-5 classrooms beginning in their first semester in the teaching program. SSU students are required to complete more than 700 field/student teaching hours during their 4-year program-significantly more field experience hours than the 240 hours required by ODHE. 

Further, courses such as Educational Psychology and Exceptional Learning Needs required in the Prek-5 licensure program provide a well-rounded foundation for pre-service teachers who will be teaching in inclusive classrooms.

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Degree Requirements Checklist

Below are the degree requirements for Primary Intervention Specialist Blended in sequence.

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