For Students Transferring to SSU

If you are transferring to SSU from another university, please contact the Office of Admission at (740) 351-3221 or the Student Success Center at (740) 351-3594.

For Students Transferring from SSU

If you are going to transfer from SSU to another state university in Ohio, use the Credit Transfer Tool to determine what courses at SSU will be directly accepted for credit at another state institution.

For more information, visit the Ohio Department of Higher Education Transfer Credit webpage.

For more information about transferring general education credits from SSU to another institution, email the Registrar at or the Director of the General Education Program at

Ohio Transfer 36

Ohio Transfer 36 logo

Shawnee State University participates in Ohio Transfer 36 (OT36).

The Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) defines the OT36 as: This is a subset or a complete set (in some cases, the institution's Ohio Transfer 36 may satisfy the entire set of general education requirements) of a college's or university's general education requirements that represents a body of knowledge and academic skills common across Ohio colleges and universities, containing 36- 40 semester hours or 54-60 quarter hours of courses in the fields of (1) English; (2) mathematics; (3) arts/humanities; (4) social and behavioral sciences; (5) natural and physical sciences; (6) interdisciplinary coursework (optional). This requirement is generally completed in the first two years of a student's residency and is more fully described in the Ohio Transfer 36 Learning Outcomes.

At Shawnee State University, OT36 is a subset of our GEP. Students transferring into Shawnee State University that have completed OT36 will still need to complete additional GEP courses at Shawnee State University unless they have other courses that may also transfer in.

Approved courses in OT36 can be found in the Guarantee Reporting System.

View the full Ohio Articulation and Transfer Policy.


Ohio Department of Higher Education General Education Requirements

ODHE defines what is required for the GEP at institutions around Ohio. This information can be found in Appendix C of the Guidelines and Procedures for Academic Program Review (PDF).

Workflows for GEP Transfer Credit Review

Below are links to PDF’s of the different workflows for how courses are evaluated for GEP credit.

SSU Transfer Policies and Procedures