The Shawnee State University Board of Trustees, the University Faculty Senate, the University Administrative Assembly, and the Student Government Association have all approved a Resolution on Academic Rights and Responsibilities.

The adopted resolution promotes the academic freedom of faculty and students and our commitment to valuing and respecting diversity of ideas and opinions including respect for diverse political viewpoints. Neither faculty nor students should be evaluated on the basis of their political opinions. If you feel that you have been penalized for your “viewpoints” in a class you have the following options and they should be exercised in the listed order.

The complaint/appeal process:

  1. First, discuss your situation /concern with your faculty member.
  2. If your concern is not resolved to your satisfaction submit your concern in writing to the faculty member’s division chairperson.
  3. If the concern is not resolved appeal to the Dean of the appropriate college.
  4. If the concern is not resolved then the final appeal is to the Provost of the University.