We provide research-based support to enhance teaching and learning on the Shawnee State University campus.

To support the university’s mission to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s world, the TLC strives to prepare faculty and staff to understand how the world of higher education is changing and what our role is as educators who exemplify the profession by being lifelong learners. In order for faculty to carry out this mission, they must cultivate the skills of today’s master teachers.

Group photo of an instructor hosting an outdoor lecture with students.

The SSU TLC exists to

  • Promote the value of higher education to the community and region
  • Support advanced effective teaching
  • Improve student proficiency levels in basic knowledge and skills needed for success in the 21st century, such as oral and written communication mathematics, and computer skills.
  • Create a “culture of planning” to guide decisions about possible changes in academic programs and services.
  • Sustain academic and student services supporting technical, career-oriented, and professional programs.
  • Improve graduation and completion rates of students significantly.
  • Improve institutional procedures through organizational change and continuous attention to student needs and human resource development.
  • Enhance internal and external communication.
  • Build a more vital campus life by involving faculty in more activities that support professional growth.

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Specific TLC Goals

  • Foster excellence in teaching and learning
  • Provide resources and educational experiences on an ongoing basis to faculty and staff
  • Stimulate research and scholarship about teaching and learning at SSU
  • Align development and training needs explicitly with student learning and/or satisfaction
  • Increase collaboration and collegiality among faculty and staff
  • Provide leadership in the use of innovative technology as a resource for teaching and learning
  • Assess the ongoing needs of faculty and staff, in terms of career enhancement as consistent with the Shawnee State University mission or strategic plan

For More Information, contact:

Christy Zempter
Director, TLC
(740) 351-3330

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Research in Progress Podcast

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