Student working on a project

“My co-op at Stanley has furthered my Shawnee education and experience.”

Alex Bachman
Alumnus, SSU Plastics Engineering Technology
Summer 2017 Intern
Stanley Electric U.S. Co., Inc.
London, Ohio

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We connect SSU students with the regional business community.

We are partnering with our regional businesses and organizations to increase internship and co-op opportunities for our students. This allows our students to apply and extend what they have learned at Shawnee State to gain real-world experience for their resumes. Consequently, they receive a well balanced education that prepares them for the workplace and introduces them to occupations and work places that otherwise might not have been considered as career options.

What is an internship?

An internship is a form of experiential learning that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting. Internships give students the opportunity to gain valuable applied experience and make connections in professional fields they are considering for career paths; and give employers the opportunity to guide and evaluate talent. [Source: National Association of Colleges and Employers]

What is a co-op?

Cooperative education (co-op) provides students with multiple periods of work in which the work is related to the student's major or career goal. The typical program plan is for students to alternate terms of full-time classroom study with terms of full-time, discipline-related employment. Since program participation involves multiple work terms, the typical participant will work three or four work terms, thus gaining a year or more of career-related work experience before graduation. Virtually all co-op positions are paid and the vast majority involves some form of academic credits. [Source: National Association of Colleges and Employers]

Co-op vs. internship: What's the difference?

Read an article on the differences between a Co-op and an Internship by Debra Barrick, Director, Office of Academic Internships, Cooperative Education and Service Learning, Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne.

A "Quick Start" Guide to Starting and Growing a Co-op or Internship Program

View this guide on Best Practices as an Employer (PDF) which is based on independent research conducted by Aaron Bradley and Cindy Damschroder. They are faculty members at the University of Cincinnati.

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