This calendar displays holidays and observances to create awareness, understanding and belonging among diverse cultural, spiritual and religious groups of our campus community.

If this calendar does not reflect your significant holiday, religious observance or cultural tradition, please email

Agnosticism - belief that the existence of God or gods can not be known.

Atheism - disbelief in the existence of God or gods.

Baha'i - belief that there is only one god and that this one god is the source of all religions.

Buddhism - beliefs based on Gautama Buddha's teachings in which practitioners seek a state of enlightenment.

Christianity - beliefs based on Jesus Christ's teachings in which followers believe he is the Son of God and salvation from sin. Guidance for believers is found in the Holy Bible.

Hinduism - belief in the doctrines of samsara (cycle of life, death and reincarnation) and karma (law of cause and effect). Embraces a "way of life" as opposed to one, organized religion.

Islam - belief in one God and that Muhammad is the last messenger. Guidance for believers is found in the holy scriptures of the Qur'an and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad.

Jainism - nontheistic religion that practices self-discipline and abstention and has principles of non-absolutism, non-possessiveness and non-violence.

Judaism - belief in one god that was revealed to Abraham, Moses and other Hebrew prophets with whom believers have their own individual relationship. Guidance for believers is found in the Torah.

Odinism - ancient religion that believes in the worship of the Norse God Odin.

Shintoism - an indigenous religion in Japan in which practitioners believe that the Kami (unseen spiritual beings and powers) inhabit all things.

Sikhism - belief in one god and the teachings of the Ten Sikh Gurus enshrined in the Granth Sahib (sacred scripture) in in which believers are supposed to abide by equality, social justice, truthful living and the remembrance of God at all times.

Wiccan/Paganism - ancient tradition that has various views and beliefs and includes pagan practices focusing on nature and witchcraft.


Event Religion Day
Gantan-Sai Shinto 1
Brithday of Guru Gobind Sing Ji Sikhism 3
Feast of Nativity Orthodox Christian 7
Lindisfarne Day Odinism 8
Maghi Sikhism 13
Chinese New Year Buddhist 21
Mahayana New Year Mahayana Buddhist 30
Event Religion Day
Imbolc (northern hemisphere) Wicca/Paganism 2
Lughnassad (southern hemisphere) Wicca/Paganism 2
Event Religion Day
Ash Wednesday Christian 2
Holi Hinduism 18
Easter Odinism 19
Ostara (northern hemisphere) Wicca/Paganism 20
Mabon (southern hemisphere) Wicca/Paganism 20
Naw Ruz Baha'i 21
Mahavira Jayanti Jainism 21
Magha Puja Day Buddhism 30
Event Religion Day
Ramadan Begins Islam 3
Easter Christian 4
Vaisakhi Sikhism 13
Mahavir Jayanti Jainism 14
Good Friday Christian 15
Pesach/Passover Judaism 16
Vaisakhi Sikhism 17
Ridvan Baha'i 21
Holy Friday Orthodox Christian 22
Sigurd's Day Odinism 23
Pascha/Easter Orthodox Christian 24
Event Religion Day
Beltane (northern hemisphere) Wicca/Paganism 1
Samhain (southern hemisphere) Wicca/Paganism 1
Hengest's Day or May Day Odinism 1
Ramadan Ends Islam 2
Eid al-Fitr Islam 3
Tish'a B'Av Judaism 7
Wesak (Buddha Day) Buddhism 16
Decleration of the Bab Baha'i 24
Ascension of Baha'u'llah Baha'i 29
Event Religion Day
Pentecost Christian 5
Shavout Judaism 5-6
Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev Ji Sikhism 16
Midsummer Odinism 19
Pentecost Orthodox Christian 20
Litha (northern hemisphere) Wicca/Paganism 20
Yule (southern hemisphere) Wicca/Paganism 21
Midsummer's Day Odinism 21
Event Religion Day
The Martyrdom of the Bab Baha'i 10
Dharma Day Buddhism 13
Obon Buddhism/Shintoism 13
Asalha Puja Day Buddhism 26
Odinist Martyrs' Day or Stiklestad Day Odinism 31
Event Religion Day
Lughnassad (northern hemisphere) Wicca/Paganism 1
Imbolc (southern hemisphere) Wicca/Paganism 1
Krishna Janmashtami Hinduism 19
Paryusana Festival Begins Jainism 23
Paryusana Festival Ends Jainism 30
Das Laxana Festival Begins Jainism 31
Event Religion Day
Das Laxana Festival Ends Jainism 9
Mabon (northern hemisphere) Wicca/Paganism 22
Ostara (southern hemisphere) Wicca/Paganism 22
Harvest Festival Odinism 25
Rosh Hashanah Judaism 25-26
Navratri Begins Hinduism 26
Event Religion Day
Navratri Ends Hinduism 4
Yom Kippur Judaism 5
Sukkot Judaism 10-16
Shemini Atzeret Judaism 17
Simchat Torah Judaism 18
Installation of Granth Sahib Ji as Guru Sikhism 20
Diwali Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism Buddhism 24
Birth of the Bab Baha'i 26
Samhain (northern hemisphere) Wicca/Paganism 31
Beltane (southern hemisphere) Wicca/Paganism 31
Event Religion Day
Guru Nanak's Birthday Sikhism 8
Birth of Baha'ullah Baha'i 12
Einheriar or Heroes' Day Odinism 13
Martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji Sikhism 24
Event Religion Day
Bodhi Day Buddhism 8
Yule (northern hemisphere) Wicca/Paganism 22
Litha (southern hemisphere) Wicca/Paganism 22
Hanukkah Judaism 18-26
Yule Eve Odinism 20
Yule Odinism 21
Christmas Christian 25
Feast of the Nativity Orthodox Christian 25
Birthday of Guru Gobind Sing Ji Sikhism 29