Welcome to a Year of Exploration and Discovery!

For Students Who Have Declared a Major:

Congratulations to those who have chosen a major! This is a significant step, but remember, the journey of self-discovery and career exploration continues. Many students reconsider their initial choice as they grow and learn more about themselves and their fields of interest. Here are some ways you can support students through this dynamic time:

  • Engage in Meaningful Conversations: Discuss how they came to choose their major. Is it a reflection of their personal experiences and passions?
  • Encourage Reflection: Help the student think about their priorities, concerns, and the big picture of their future.
  • Offer Insightful Feedback: Share your observations about their strengths and skills.
  • Support Decision-Making Skills: Encourage them to make choices in other areas of their life, which can build confidence in making academic and career decisions.
  • Be Their Champion: Stand by them through the highs and lows as they navigate their chosen path.

For Exploring Students:

It’s wonderful to see students taking the time to explore their options thoughtfully! Choosing a major is a significant decision, and exploring can lead to more informed and satisfying choices. Here’s how you can be a pillar of support during this exploratory phase:

  • Listen Openly and Offer Honest Feedback: Create a space where students feel comfortable sharing their thoughts without judgment.
  • Stay Engaged: You'll remain connected with their thought process by asking thoughtful questions and showing genuine interest.
  • Empathize and Encourage: Try to understand the world from their viewpoint and encourage them to discover new fields and interests.
  • Leverage Resources: Our office offers a wealth of information on exploring majors and careers. Encourage students to delve into these resources.

Leveraging Technology for Career Growth:

As we guide our first-year students through their initial steps in college, it's crucial to integrate technology that supports their career development. We strongly encourage family and friends to help students activate their free Handshake account at Handshake is the leading platform for college students to find jobs and internships. By joining, students gain the ability to explore various career options, attend career-related events, discover job and internship opportunities, and connect with employers and peers. This tool is invaluable in helping students navigate their career paths effectively from the onset of their college experience.

Encouraging students to engage with Handshake early in their academic journey ensures they are well-prepared to make informed decisions about internships, part-time jobs, and opportunities crucial for their career development.

Making the Most of Our Support:

One-on-one appointments with our office can be incredibly beneficial. We encourage each student to schedule a personal consultation to discuss their academic and career aspirations.

Additionally, please note that as part of the First-Year Experience course, students will likely be required to take a career assessment called Focus 2. We encourage them, and so should you, to meet with us to discuss those results if interested.

Together, we can support student’s journey toward finding their passion and purpose in college. Let’s make this year one of growth, discovery, and success!