Some courses have additional course fees that are used to cover costs that exceed basic instruction such as lab equipment and software; program materials and supplies; and coordination of field placements and internships. Below is a list of course fees:

Fees Per Course
2023-2024 Academic Year
Course Fees Fee/Course
Education Field Fee (EDU1) $350
Education Field Fee (EDU2) $175
Study Abroad Course Fee (CIPA) $120
Transition to Registered Nursing (AHNR) $85
Fees Per Credit Hour
2023-2024 Academic Year
Course Fees Fee/Credit Hour
Arts: Tier 1 (ART1) $10
Arts: Tier 2 (ART2) $20
Arts: Tier 3 (ART3) $30
Athletic Training (ATTR) $25
Biology (BIOL) $30
Health Science (BSHS) $5
Business (BUSI) $10
Chemistry (CHEM) $30
Dental Hygiene (DTHY) $45
Education (EDUC) $15
Education, Graduate (MEUC) $20
Education, Graduate Curriculum & Instruction (MECI) $20
Education, Graduate Intervention Specialist (MEIS) $20
Emergency Medical Technology (EMTP) $20
Engineering Technologies (ENGT) $27
Exercise Science (SSES) $25
Health Care Administration (BUHE) $20
Humanities (HUMA) $10
Information Systems (BUIS) $45
Information Security (INSE) $45
Information System Management (ISMA) $45
Mathematics, Graduate (MTH1) $15
Mathematics, Graduate (MTH3) $35
Mathematics, Graduate (MTH4) $60
Mathematics, Undergraduate (MATH) $15
Medical Laboratory Technology (MLTC) $25
Natural Science (NSCI) $30
Nursing (ADNR) $35
Nursing (BSNR) $35
Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTAT) $20
Occupational Therapy Graduate (MOT) $75
Physical Education (SPST1) $10
Physical Education (SPST2) $15
Physical Education (SPST3) $20
Physical Therapist Assistant (PTAT) $20
Radiologic Technology (RDLT) $25
Respiratory Therapy (RPTT) $25
Rhetoric (MA in Compostition & Rhetoric) (RHET) $20
Social Science (SSCI) $12
Sports Management (SSSM) $15
Developmental Reading and Writing (UNC1) $3
First Year Experience (UNC2) $12
Mathematics, Developmental (UNC3) $17


Course fees are not part of the tuition guarantee and are subject to change. Shawnee State University reserves the right to make, without prior notice, any fee adjustment that may become necessary.