Update Forms for All Research Projects

Every year the IRB would like an annual update from the researchers regarding the status of their study.  If the study has concluded use the appropriate form listed below.

Study Completion Report

Use this for when your study has concluded collecting data. This form may be submitted electronically, but all signed consent forms must be submitted to the Provost Office at the conclusion of the study.

Amendment/Modification of Research or Continuing Review Form

Use this form for either a modification or as an Annual Update form for continuing data collection for more than one year.  Study modifications include change in personnel, number of participants, revised informed consent, methodology, or instruments used in the study.

Adverse Event Report Review Form

It is the responsibility of the Investigator to inform the IRB Chair and Administrator immediately of any unexpected event that occurs during the course of the research project that could affect the safety or welfare of the subjects.  The Investigator must provide accurate documentation of the incident and work in conjunction with the IRB Chair or designee to investigate the incident to affect an appropriate resolution.  Study data collection may be suspended depending on the severity and/or frequency of the event.  Failure to report an adverse event is cause for a full Board review.