Members of TKE posing for picture

To aid men in their mental, moral, and social development for life.


Create lifelong relationships that enhance educational, interpersonal, community, and professional success.


TKE contributes to the advancement of society through the personal growth of our members and service to others.


To Believe in love and loyalty to my College, my Fraternity, my Country, and my God;

To Believe in the worthiness and dignity of my fellow man, and judge him solely upon his personal worth and character;

To Believe with fidelity in the traditions and ideals of my Fraternity, and upon my sacred honor, to uphold them;

To Believe in the constant search for truth, and through it, to seek the goal of wisdom;

To Believe in the life based upon integrity, justice, sincerity, patience, moderation, culture, and challenge in order to serve as a responsible, mature member of society;

To Believe in the cardinal principles of Love, Charity, and Esteem and to use them to guide my life;

To Believe in my Fraternity as a brotherhood of gentlemen in perpetual quest of excellence as a way of life.


TKE is committed to instilling a sense of responsibility and contribution in all of our members. TKE enables chapters to provide service to their campus, community, and international philanthropies. Fraternities and sororities contribute countless hours and raise millions of dollars for charitable organizations around the world.

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