The amount of your monthly payment will be determined by the amount of credits you are enrolled in, applicable to your degree program. Rates are posted and updated by the VA. Rates can be found on the VA web page.

Information for emergency advance payments on your GI Bill.

The VA has set up a Web site to help vets apply for the emergency advance payments on their GI Bill.  

Ohio GI Promise:  In-State tuition for all eligible veterans from across the country

By participating in a community service or internship program and upon moving to Ohio, GI Bill eligible veterans and their families will be treated as in-state residents for tuition and state educational subsidies purposes. To be eligible under division (E)(9) of Administrative Rule 3333-1-10, a veteran must be certified as eligible to receive GI Bill benefits and enroll in a state-supported institution.

For detailed information, visit the GI Promise website.