The Department of Veterans Affairs and the Veterans Representative at Shawnee State University closely monitor each student veteran's enrollment status and academic program. The student's educational benefit is based upon the number of credit hours applicable to his/her academic degree program.

Student veterans at Shawnee State University have the following responsibilities:

Notify the Veterans Representative by emailing within 15 days of the following changes in your enrollment status.

  • Terminate attendance
  • Change credit hours
  • Withdraw or stop attending a course
  • Attend a course but receive an Incomplete (I) grade
  • Change educational program
  • Change address or phone number


  • You must maintain satisfactory progress to retain benefit.
  • You are prohibited from receiving educational benefits for auditing a course.
  • You will not receive benefits for repeated courses, unless they are graduation requirements.
  • You must be formally admitted as a degree-seeking student.
  • You must submit a degree audit for your intended major. The degree audit must include all courses that you are required to complete for your major. You will only be certified for courses that are required for completion of your selected degree (per degree audit).
  • Do not register in courses for which you have previously received a passing grade/credit (even if taken at another institution).

As a recipient of educational benefits:

  • you are eligible for payment of remedial courses if placement test scores justify the need
  • any overpayments incurred are your responsibility and not the responsibility of the Financial Aid Office at Shawnee State University

Students called for Military Service

Students who are called to active duty during the term must contact the Office of the Registar to discuss options relating to their enrollment.