Outdoor greenspaces, such as parks and various lands which serve as arboreta (e.g. college campuses, cemeteries, golf courses) can provide opportunities for outdoor recreational activities as well as facilitate public education and tourism.

Greenlawn Cemetery occupies approximately 40 acres, and as such, represents one of the largest publicly–accessible greenspaces within the City of Portsmouth. The cemetery is also known to be home to several trees of significance, such as national record (size) American Holly, and Persimmon, among others.

Greenlawn Cemetery

A project is currently underway to develop a full inventory of trees in Greenlawn Cemetery along with a series of tree trails suitable for walking, biking, or driving tours. Please check back as this project progresses.

Information Requested

If you know of any trees with stories to tell (e.g. planted in commemoration of an event, by or in memorial of a famous individual, war, or group), please contact the project directors below and share your information!

Erik Larson

Dr. Erik Larson,
SSU Geology Faculty
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Logan Minter

Dr. Logan Minter,
SSU Biology Faculty
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Grant Support and Partners

This project is being supported by a grant from the Scioto Foundation as well as financial and volunteer contributions from Shawnee State University, Department of Natural Sciences, Friends of Greenlawn Cemetery, Shade Tree Commission of Portsmouth, Portsmouth Connex, The Ohio State University: Scioto County Extension, City of Portsmouth Office of the City Manager, and community volunteers David Riepenhoff and Ralph Wisniewski.