Information about Public Records Requests

Shawnee State University is committed to full compliance with Ohio's laws and rules regarding access to public records. Public records law compliance is handled by the Office of General Counsel, which is staffed Mondays through Fridays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm by General Counsel Michael McPhillips and Assistant General Counsel Desiree Isaac.

TO MAKE A REQUEST: To submit a public records request, please e-mail, or make the request in person in the Office of General Counsel during normal business hours. Requests made to other offices will be referred to the Office of General Counsel.

Request Procedures:

Requests may be made orally or in writing. Requesters need not identify themselves or the purpose for the request except as specifically required or authorized by state or federal law or in accordance with the Ohio Public Records Law.

If a requester makes an ambiguous or overly broad request or has difficulty in making a request for copies or inspection of public records such that the University cannot reasonably identify what public records are being requested, the University may deny the request but will provide the requester with an opportunity to revise the request by informing the requester of the manner in which records are maintained and accessed in the ordinary course of university business.

Timeliness of Response to Requests 

Requests will be honored within a reasonable period of time. If a response cannot be provided promptly, notice will be provided to the requester explaining the delay and an approximate date when the records will be released. The amount of time that records will be made available to a requester will depend upon, among other things, the number of records requested, the location of the records, the medium in which the records are stored, the need for legal review, and the need to redact information.

Non-Public Records

Ohio Revised Code § 149.43 includes among nonpublic records which are not subject to a public records request: 

  • education records that are protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  • trade secrets
  • donor profile records 
  • medical treatment records
  • information compiled from referral to or participation in an employee assistance program 
  • other records, the release of which is prohibited by state or federal law 
  • employees' home addresses, private e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers

Information contained in records that is not subject to release under the O.R.C. will be either blacked out or the requester will be informed why requested records may not be viewed, including legal authority.


In the event that the requester requests copies of records, records may be duplicated on paper or on the same medium as the University maintains them. Charges for copying and/or scanning of records maintained only in paper form will be assessed at a rate of $0.10 per copy, $0.05 per scan, and $1.00 for compact discs. Other tangible mediums will be assessed at cost. There is no charge for electronic transfer of records that are maintained in an electronic file. Postage will be charged at cost for records that are mailed. Payment of these costs is expected in advance and copying and/or scanning requests may be delayed until receipt of payment. No charge will be assessed for staff time to review or make copies.