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This degree is coordinated by Dr. Brian Richards, Associate Professor of Psychology.

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Counselors provide one-on-one services to clients with mental health, physical health, relationship, academic, or occupational problems. Counselors help their clients work through their issues and problems through listening skills, conflict resolution, strategy building, and other therapeutic techniques.

Counselor specializations include: guidance counselors, alcohol and drug abuse counselors, career counselors, rehabilitation counselors, mental health counselors and child and family counselors. Learn more about counseling at

Corrections Officer

Correctional officers guard inmates in penal institutions. As the primary contact with inmates, observation and understanding of behavior of inmates is essential.

Psychology majors have a unique set of skills and knowledge that they can bring to bear in this challenging field. Learn more about corrections at

School Psychologist

School psychologists are tasked with evaluating and determining the needs of disabled, disturbed, and gifted youth in school settings. They are frequently called upon to conduct psychological and educational testing.

School psychologists also coordinate with teachers, parents, and school administrators to develop and implement programs designed to improve access to quality education for all students. Learn more about school psychology at

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