University Parking Regulations

  • Shawnee State University has the authority to control and regulate the use of vehicles on the land and property of Shawnee State University on its Portsmouth campus.
  • The Board of Trustees authorizes the President or a designee to adopt written procedures for parking and control of vehicles on campus in consultation with the university governance bodies.
  • The enforcement of vehicle parking statutes, rules and regulations pursuant to the direction and authority contained in Chapter 3345 of the Ohio Revised Code shall rest solely with the President or a designee and others who are employed or directed to enforce said rules and regulations.
  • The specific rules and regulations relating to these matters will be periodically revised and updated by the Administration in consultation with the appropriate university governance structure.  Rules and regulations shall delineate prohibitions and establish an appeal process for citations issued for violations of parking and regulations enacted regarding parking enforcement.
  • Persons who operate, park, or leave a vehicle on the grounds of Shawnee State University consent to the terms and conditions of this policy and implementing procedures.

Apply for a Parking Permit

Reference University Policy No. 5.28

For further information regarding SSU's parking regulations, to apply for a parking permit, and to view fine amounts, see the links below:

Parking Fine & Replacement Permit Payment

Pay Fine or Permit Replacement Fee

Parking Violation Information

To appeal a parking violation, complete the top section of the Parking Violation Appeal Form (PDF), print the form, attach a copy of the ticket, sign and deliver to the Department of Public Safety (formerly Security Department) within 10 days of the violation.

  1. Or, you can submit the form electronically by following these steps:
  2. Complete the top section of form (be sure to include the parking violation ticket number)
  3. Save the file to your desktop
  4. Right click on the new PDF desktop icon just created
  5. Select "Send To", and "Mail Recipient"
  6. e-mail to

The appeal hearings are conducted by the Parking Appeal Review Committee (PARC) which meets monthly during academic semesters. You have the option to attend the appeal review meeting. If you choose this option on the appeal form, you will be notified via e-mail of the meeting time and place. If you do not wish to attend, the decision of the PARC will be e-mailed to you within 10 days following the meeting date. In the absence of a valid e-mail address, communication will be sent by mail to the address indicated on the appeal form or on university records.

The decision of the PARC is final. For denied appeals, all fine amounts are due and payable at the Business Center within 2 weeks of the committee decision date. A hold will remain on the violators SSU ID until the fine is paid or the appeal is approved.

For additional information or questions, refer to the Vehicle Parking Policy (PDF) or contact the SSU Dept of Public Safety at 351-3243.

Parking Violation Appeal Form (PDF)