The Purchasing Card (also known as "PCard") is a Visa issued to a named individual, with the University indicated as the corporate buyer. The University awarded the bid to administer the Procurement Card Program to JPMorganChase (referred to simply as “the Bank” throughout the remainder of this site).

The PCard can be distributed to Shawnee State faculty and staff, and it allows the cardholder to charge work-related expenses directly to the appropriate university account. The card may not be issued to student employees.

The PCard may be used for official university business purposes only, and all purchases must comply with Shawnee State University policies and procedures.

Cardholder applicants must attend a mandatory training session and sign a Cardholder Agreement (DOC) form before receiving a card.

Further information is available in the PCard Manual, which is issued to each cardholder and available on this site.

A cardholder must comply with all applicable policies and procedures to retain use of the card.

Primary benefits of the PCard program:

  • The PCard can be used to make authorized purchases anywhere Visa is accepted.
  • The need for purchase orders and Request for Payments is greatly reduced.
  • The processing and archival of paperwork is lessened.
  • Postage and mailing costs are reduced.
  • Orders for goods and services can be made in person; by phone, fax, or mail; or on the internet.
  • Goods can be purchased and received in a more timely manner.
  • Payments to vendors are expedited.
  • Card users have opportunities for discounts on internet orders.

The PCard eliminates much of the administrative work and delays associated with processing small-dollar purchases, resulting in substantial benefits to employees, the University, and our suppliers. Cardholders are empowered to obtain certain goods and services much faster and easier than before. Paperwork and processing in the cardholder’s department and in the purchasing and accounting department is sharply reduced. The cycle times for acquisition, payment, and reimbursement is shortened or eliminated. These efficiencies allow all groups and individuals involved to be more effective. The Shawnee State PCard program delegates appropriate authority to purchases these small-dollar items directly to the person to whom it matters most—you, the user.

From an accounting and purchasing viewpoint, the purchasing card has good control, reporting, and data interface features, which allow us to reduce overhead costs. In addition, our suppliers benefit as they get paid in 2 to 3 days and do not have to prepare, send, and track invoices, or wait 30 to 45 days for payment.

IMPORTANT! Personal purchases may not be made with the PCard, even if your intent is to reimburse the University. Personal purchases made with the card may subject you to PCard sanctions and may result in appropriate discipline in accordance with Shawnee State University policies or applicable collective bargaining agreements.