How to Submit an Application:

Please review the “Type of IRB Review Flow Chart” to determine which type of application Form (Exempt, Expedited, or Full) you will need to submit. You can also read the types of applications descriptions to see what type of review your proposed study will require.

Next, review the Sample Application to gather all information you will need to have for submission of the electronic DocuSign Application.

To submit one of these forms to the SSU IRB, please complete the correct application form. All of the questions on the Application Form must be answered and all appropriate attachments included (these attachments are listed on the first page of the Application Form instructions). Please follow the instructions for how to submit the application.

Application Forms

DocuSign Help

Consent and Assent Forms

Consent and Assent Forms do not have to follow the formatting seen in the Blank Consent or Assent Form or the Sample Consent or Assent Form, but the same information must be included on the Consent Form.  


Please email any questions about the forms or the submission process to IRB chair,