Software purchases may be made online with your PCard and without the need for Contract Review under the following circumstances. (Note that all of the following criteria must be met.)

  1. The total cost of the software is $1,000 or less.
  2. UIS has approved the software prior to purchase, via the form posted on Procurement Services' web page.
  3. The software is downloaded from the web and the only agreement to be executed is associated with the "I accept" button necessary to initiate the download and/or installation of the software. (Any other form of agreement that requires an actual signature must be routed through SSU's Contract Review Process, and a PCard cannot be used.)
  4. There is no risk of property damage by using the software.
  5. Use of the software does not involve processing, storing, or compiling confidential information (defined as information proprietary to the University or a third party or information that is held confidential for one of many reasons including contract provisions, federal regulations such as HIPPA or FERPA, Social Security Numbers, trade secrets, or research data).

If any of these criteria are not met, the software may not be procured in this manner. In such circumstances, a Contract Intake Form and a copy of the agreement must be submitted to for review.

It is recommended that contracts be submitted for review as early as possible, especially between July 1 and the first day of Fall Semester, but no later than two weeks prior to the desired start date. Complex agreements with major companies will, more than likely, take even longer to negotiate. Be sure to allow plenty of time.