Bear Card

The SSU Bear Card is your official SSU photo ID.

Your Bear Card also allows you to take advantage of SSU services with the ease of not carrying cash. Use it to make purchases using your “Bear Bucks” at the Bear's Den, Jazzman's, Simply To Go and at any of the Pepsi cold beverage vending machines on campus. The card is also used for library services, access to the Athletic Center and the game room.

If you have extra financial aid on your student account after your tuition and fees are covered, you can use your Bear Card in the bookstore. Bookstore purchases with your Bear Card can only be made two weeks prior to the start of the term through the first week of class.

To obtain a Bear Card, visit the following locations:

  • Information Desk, University Center, 1st Floor
  • Student Business Center, University Center, 2nd Floor

Current students may obtain a replacement Bear Card any time during their registered session. The fee is $10.

New students will have the opportunity to obtain a card during their orientation day prior to the beginning of the term or when they first arrive on campus.


Higher One Easy Refund Card

SSU processes refunds to students electronically.

Higher One cards are mailed to new students automatically when you register for classes. It is important to make sure your address with SSU is correct before you register for classes. Online address update is available through MySSU. You can also visit the Student Business Center to submit a change of address form. Cards are not forwarded by the postal service. Cards returned due to incorrect address are destroyed. If the card is not received, or was accidentally thrown away, you will need to report it in person at the Student Business Center.

Keep your card!

The card is used to access the Higher One website. You are not required to open an account with Higher One but need the information from the card to complete the one-time login to pick a refund option. Don't throw the card away! Even if you don't think you will receive a refund, things may change in the future. Keep the card in a safe place.

Refund Options

You have several options to get your refund money faster and easier than ever before. If you choose to put your refund money in the OneAccount with Higher One, your money will be available on the card the same day SSU processes the refunds.

How to use your debit card

  • Use the Higher One ATM located 2nd Floor University Center
  • Fees will be charged for use of a non Higher One ATM
  • Get up to $500 per 24 hour period from an ATM
  • Maximum daily spending limit: $2,500
  • Choose Credit to avoid PIN based fees when making a purchase

ACH transfer (direct deposit) is another refund option. This allows your refund money to be electronically transferred to any bank account of your choice. With this option, your funds should be available in 2 – 3 days.

Receiving a Paper Check is also an option. Checks are mailed from Higher One and this could take 5 – 10 days.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Active Account Holders – If you already completed your initial login and picked an option, you will need to contact Higher One to report a card lost/stolen. You can contact Higher One Support at 1-866-663-2228.