Thomas Bunting

Title: Associate Professor

Subject Area: Political Science


Thomas Bunting is an Associate Professor of Political Science in the Social Sciences Department at Shawnee State University and the coordinator of the Political Science major. He has taught classes on national government, Appalachian politics, ancient political theory, sport and politics, research methods, constitutional law, and more.

Thomas is a Mid-Michigan native and completed his undergraduate studies in the James Madison College at Michigan State University, majoring in political theory and constitutional democracy. He completed his graduate work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, earning his Ph.D. in political science while studying political theory and American politics. His research and teaching interests include ancient political thought, continental philosophy, democratic theory, agonistic theory, and the intersection between sport and politics.

Outside of the classroom, Thomas is a dog owner, music enthusiast, runner, and baseball fan.


Ph.D. in Political Science, 2017, University of Wisconsin-Madison

M.A. in Political Science, 2012, University of Wisconsin-Madison

B.A. in Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy, Michigan State University

  • "A Bible, an Ax and a Tablet: Tocqueville's Newspapers and Everyday Political Discourse in a Digital Age" (Perspectives on Political Science, Vol. 46, Issue 4, 2017)
  • "Sportsmanship and Politics: Xenophon, ΠΟΝΟΣ, and Democratic Competition" (co-author with Richard Avramenko, Forthcoming at Perspectives on Political Science, available online since July 2017)
  • "Breaking Barriers and Coded Language: Watching Politics of Race at the Ballpark" Democratic Theory, 5:1, 62-80, 2018.