Housing Contract Release Form

This form is for students who have already signed the housing contract. If you have not signed the housing contract, you will want to visit this page: Housing Policy Exemption. Students wishing to be released from university housing must meet at least one of the criteria below and submit a petition for housing contract for review. Students should allow up to 14 business days for the initial review process.

If a student is seeking to be released from residing on-campus Housing and Residence Life strongly recommends that no off-campus lease is signed until an official notification of approval is made by Housing and Residence Life (via email). Students who are required to reside on campus and have signed a lease prior to receiving approval will not be granted an exemption from housing based solely on an off-campus lease. Students must meet the criteria as denoted below to receive an exemption.

*Credits earned through Ohio College Credit Plus or a similar program, or through high school Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate courses shall not fall within the definition of “college credit”.

Petition Criteria

Those seeking an exemption must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Students living with one or both of their parents
  • Married students
  • Single parents with full or shared custody of children
  • Veterans
  • Students over the age of 23
  • Transfer students with more than sixty (60) transferred credits earned beyond high school graduation
  • Other extraordinary circumstances: students requesting an exemption for “other” reasons including extenuating circumstances should provide detailed explanation and documentation of their situation.

Note: Any varsity athlete receiving an institutional scholarship can not be exempt from the housing policy.

Petition Process

The request will be reviewed by Housing and Residence Life staff to ensure that all documents are complete and that all required supporting documentation is provided. If additional information is needed, the student will be notified via email with a timeline for submission of requested documents. If documentation is not received by the date requested and if the student has not requested an extension for submission of documents, the request will become invalid.