Dates and Times

Programs may be scheduled Monday–Friday. Dates and times may differ for different shows.

Number of Guests

The Planetarium holds a maximum of 66 people. Larger groups will have to make arrangements for two or more separate shows.


The Clark Planetarium allows private showings for any group. Businesses are charged $100/hour. Head Start programs may use the planetarium free of charge. All other groups are charged based on the number of guests:

Group Size Fee
1-10 $30
11-20 $60
21-30 $90
31-40 $120
41-50 $150
51-66 $198

Because the planetarium only has 66 seats, large groups may need to be divided, and they will be charged for the highest tier plus the cost for the range of remaining guests.

Single checks are preferred. Please make any checks payable to Shawnee State University, and an operator will collect the payment when you come for your show.


The Clark Planetarium is located inside the Advanced Technology Center (ATC 124) on the Shawnee State University campus. Students may be dropped off on the East side of the building and buses may then be parked in the adjoining parking lot. School groups must enter the east door and wait in the lobby by the Aristech Pendulum for seating in the planetarium. 

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Parking/Drop Off

Public shows: We are now pleased to offer parking in the main faculty parking lot behind the ATC and Massie for our public shows. Gates will open at 6pm and remain open until 9pm. If staying later than 9pm, a gate will still allow for one-way traffic. This solution provides the best garuntee that our elderly and disabled members have easy parking and access to the building. It also provides an excellent solution for rainy days. Should one choose to do so, the east student lot near the ATC is still available for parking as well.

Schools: As construction draws to a close, the planetarium is happy to offer drop-off at the east door once more. Buses may drop students off on the south-side of the University Center addition and find a parking space at the rear of the parking lot near the soccer field.

After your show, please consider filling out part of all of our planetarium feedback form so that we can continue to improve and provide the optimal planetarium experience.

Visit Request Form

To request a visit to Clark Planetarium, fill out the form below. If you have any questions about your request, contact