Advising General Information

We are here to help! Feel free to contact your faculty advisor at any time to set up an advising appointment. We recommend that you meet with your advisor every single semester while at Shawnee State. You can determine your faculty advisor by logging on to J1 web.

Each faculty member has four office hours a week where you can drop in to ask questions. They will also be delighted to schedule an appointment with you to discuss progress towards your degree, career goals, etc.

If you need general advising, you can also schedule an appointment with either the department chair (Dr. Jennifer Napper), or our college professional advisor: Ginny Young.

Catalog Year

When you enter Shawnee State and declare a major, you are required to complete the program requirements in place during that catalog year. If you change your major subsequently, or stop out for more than three semesters, your catalog year changes to the most recent one.

It is possible to petition to change to a different catalog year by obtaining a form from the Student Business Center. If you were enrolled before summer 2016, you may have noticed the General Education Program has undergone a dramatic change! In this instance you may wish to consider petitioning to return to your original catalog year.

Infrequent Course Offerings

We do not offer every single course, every single semester in the Department of Natural Sciences. Some courses are only offered once per year. The following courses are only offered either fall or spring semester: (Please note—this is an incomplete list!)

  • Fall
    • BIOL3560—Principles of Anatomy
    • BIOL3660—Neuroanatomy
    • BIOL3770—Genetics
    • CHEM3305—Organic Chemistry 1
    • CHEM4411—Biochemistry
    • PHYS2211—Calculus Based Physics 1
  • Spring
    • BIOL3561—Principles of Physiology
    • BIOL4770—Cell Biology
    • BIOL4771—Biotechnology
    • CHEM2200—Introduction to Organic Chemistry
    • CHEM3306—Organic Chemistry 2

Your academic advisor can help you plan your schedule keeping the above information in mind.

Every-Other-Year Course Offerings

Some courses are only offered on an every-other-year schedule. To help you plan out your degree, the following link contains our most recent schedule: Natural Sciences four-year guides and every-other-year class schedules (PDF). This document also lists academic/college/career suggestions for each year you are with us.

Degree Checklists

Degree requirements for the current academic catalog are provided on each of our degree program pages. The department also produces degree checklists for advising purposes.  Please contact your academic advisor, the department chair, or a CAS Academic Advisor.