The director and operators at Clark Planetarium are dedicated to providing you with a great planetarium experience. Here's a brief glimpse at who they are:

Dr. Tim Hamilton (Director)

Dr. Hamilton is an Assistant Professor of Physics and the Director of the Clark Planetarium here at Shawnee State University. He teaches Scientific Reasoning, Astronomy, and Physics. His research interests include quasars and their host galaxies, ultra high-energy cosmic rays (UHECR's) and compact dynamos as their emitters, supermassive black hole growth, and galaxy evolution. You can read more about Dr. Hamilton here.


Travis McNeilan (Senior Operator)

Travis is an Accounting major and junior at Shawnee State University. He began working at the Clark Planetarium in the Summer of 2016. Travis hopes to get a job in the accounting field working for a large company. He is also considering pursuing CPA certification once he graduates. Travis enjoys playing video games and listening to music with friends in his free time.


Aaron Lemaster (Operator)

Aaron is currently a junior at Shawnee State University, and started working at the Clark Planetarium in the Fall of 2016. He is majoring in Psychology and Sociology. He is looking to join the Air Force once graduated and hopes to one day become a counselor for teens or a therapist helping veterans suffering from PTSD. Aaron likes to spend his free time socializing and hanging out with friends.


Leroy Gifford (Operator)

Leroy is an Accounting major and junior at Shawnee State University. He began working at the Clark Planetarium in the Fall of 2017. Leroy aspires to obtain the CPA designation in addition to an MBA after graduation. Leroy enjoys playing video games and watching movies with friends.

Greg Burson (Operator)

Gregory is an AYA Physical Science major in his senior year of college at Shawnee State University. He began working at the Clark Planetarium in Fall of 2017. Gregory hopes to become a high school physics teacher and loves to teach about astronomy. He enjoys playing video games and the occasional stargaze.

Stevie Chandler (Operator)

Stevie is a 20 year old student at Shawnee State University. She is a 3rd year AYA English Education Major with a minor in British Literature. She began working for the planetarium in the Fall of 2017. Stevie hopes to get a teaching job right after graduation in her hometown. Stevie enjoys writing and playing video games in her spare time.

Hall of Fame

Below is a look at the past operators of the Clark Planetarium:

Scott Ewing (Operator)

After ten years of service as a reactor operator and electrician on submarines in the US Navy, and ten years in nuclear safety procedures and radiological waste disposition, Scott is back in school studying for a degree in Mathematics. After graduation, Scott plans to teach high school math while pursuing a Masters degree in Astrophysics. Outside of his studies and work at the planetarium, Scott enjoys spending time with his four children, and can frequently be found on the tennis court or golf course. Scott is originally from Indianapolis, IN.

Steven Biars (Operator)

A native of Portsmouth, Steven may be one of the more interesting characters at the Clark Planetarium. You can usually find him out on the levee on clear summer and fall nights, searching the skies with our Celestron telescope. A Senior in Mathematical Science, Steven plans to pursue a Masters degree in Civil or Mechanical Engineering while continuing research regarding high energy impacts (specifically, the study of ejecta fields). This is particularly interesting, considering Steven was formerly an MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket Systems) crewmember in the US Army. Outside of the planetarium, Steven is active in environmental conservation and alternative energy developments. At present, Steven is learning to speak German while studying gravitational fields and the heliosphere.

Arthur Bogard (Senior Operator)

Arthur Bogard, Senior Operator at the Clark Planetarium, is a Senior in Mathematical Science at Shawnee State University concentrating in Statistics. From a long line of educators, Arthur continually employs new methods to teach students. He is a 26 year old veteran from Marion, Ohio and is celebrating his five year anniversary with his wife Danielle in July 2010. When not in school, Arthur often works as a maintenance crew chief on C-130s at the 179th AW as a sergeant in the Ohio Air National Guard. With six years of service in, he and Danielle continue to evaluate their options post-college.