During the course of your academic career at Shawnee State University, you may want to take a course at another institution to transfer back to your degree program at SSU. You might be eligible for financial aid to help cover the cost at both institutions. To do this, you must complete a consortium agreement with both schools.

A consortium agreement is a contract between two colleges or universities that recognizes your registration at each location for financial aid purposes. It also certifies that only one of the two institutions will award your financial aid.

In a consortium agreement, the colleges or universities are referred to as the "home institution" and the "host institution":

The home institution is the school that will award the student the degree.

The host institution is the school where the student is temporarily taking courses to transfer back to the home school to meet degree requirements.

How to Complete a Consortium Agreement

  1. Complete the FAFSA and meet all the terms and conditions required by the federal financial aid programs.

  2. Complete Section I of the consortium agreement.

  3. Meet with your academic advisor and have them complete Section II of the consortium agreement.

  4. Take the consortium agreement to the Financial Aid Office at the host institution. The host institution must complete Section III and forward the consortium agreement to the home institution (SSU Financial Aid Office).

  5. When the Financial Aid Office at SSU receives the completed form, your financial aid will be awarded based on the combined enrollment at both institutions.

  6. SSU will disburse financial aid in accordance to our policy for disbursing financial aid.

  7. The student is responsible for any balance at the host institution by using any financial aid overage received from SSU.

  8. Contact your host institution at the end of the term and request an official transcript be sent to SSU to transfer your course(s) for your degree.

  9. A new consortium agreement must be completed for each term you plan to attend multiple schools.

If Shawnee State University will be your host institution, please contact the Financial Aid Office at your home institution for information regarding their policy for consortium agreements.