Registration for New Students

New students must register for their initial term during the New Student Orientation held each semester.

Registration for Returning Students

Continuing or returning students may register for subsequent terms during advance or late registration. Dates are found in the Academic Calendar

The Student Business Center is open 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday–Friday. Please call (740) 351-HELP (4357) for more information.

Registration for Summer and Fall 2024

Summer semester starts on Monday, May 6, 2024.
Fall semester starts on Monday, August 26, 2024.

Priority registration for Summer and Fall 2024 is set to begin on Monday, March 25, 2024. Registration will open each day at 12:30 a.m.

A reminder to students – please work with your assigned advisor to build a course schedule that helps you progress to graduation on time. If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Student Success Center or email

All registering students should review their degree and major information in MySSU for accuracy before their registration date. Inaccurate information can result in further issues with your financial aid. 

If your information is inaccurate, fill out a Change of Major form online or in-person in the Student Business Center.

Monday, March 25
  • Seniors (90+ credit hours)
  • Graduate students
  • Student Veterans
  • Student Athletes
  • Honors Students
  • Students with Accessibility Needs
Tuesday, March 26
  • Juniors (60-89.99 earned credit hours)
Wednesday, March 27
  • Sophomores (30-59.99 earned credit hours)
Thursday, March 28
  • First-Year Students (0-29.99 earned credit hours)
Friday, March 29
  • Non-Degree seeking and Open registration for all students

You may be required to have advisor clearance prior to being able to register for classes. Please see your advisor for registration clearance and any questions you may have prior to registration.

View Course Schedules in MySSU

Priority Registration

Priority Registration is the process in which students are assigned a specific day and time to begin registration for a future term. Based on the student class standing (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior) or special group status, students are assigned a priority registration group as follows:

Priority Registration Groups
Day of Registration Priority Groups
1st Seniors, Special Group Status
2nd Juniors
3rd Sophomores
4th Freshman
5th Open Registration

Special Group status may only be granted by the Provost. Currently approved special status groups are:

  • Veterans
  • Graduate Students
  • Shawnee State Honors Program Students
  • Shawnee State Athletes
  • Special Needs Students as individually identified by Disability Services

In-Person Registration

Obtain a registration form from the Student Business Center and complete the form with the courses you want to register for. The registration form should be submitted for processing. Your registration will be processed immediately with your course/fee schedule prepared while you wait.

The approval of the Registrar is required if you are attempting to schedule more than 20 credit hours, a maximum of 24 hours may be attempted.

Note: You may register only during your assigned time - check registration windows on the Semester Schedule. You may not register if you have a registration hold. Your advisor should have cleared you to register when you met for advising (If required). Mandatory advising is required for all freshmen (30 or less cumulative earned hours), Sophomores with fewer than 60 cumulative hours earned but moving to Junior status at the end of the term, and Juniors with fewer than 90 cumulative hours earned but moving to Senior status at the end of the term. Mandatory advising is also required for all student in select majors.

Online Registration

Watch our short video to learn how to register for classes online through MySSU. The video references Spring Semester 2021-2022 registration, but the process is the same for any semester. Simply select the semester and academic year for which you are registering during that step in the process.

When you register and/or change your course schedule, you are responsible for obtaining a copy of your schedule and bill via your MySSU account or by visiting the Student Business Center, where all student fees are collected. If you can't pay the entire amount all at once, staff in the Student Business Center will be glad to tell you about their Short Term Loan Payment Plan. It allows you to spread payments over the term and may make it easier for you to attend college.

Note: You must pay all tuition and fees, or enroll in the budget Payment Plan, by the deadline date. If you haven't done so by that time, you will be assessed a Late Payment Fee.


Many courses at the University require the satisfaction of prerequisites prior to enrolling in the course. Prerequisites may be met by successful completion of the prior courses listed or by placement, via testing, in the course.

Time Conflicts

If you wish to enroll in courses that conflict, you must have the permission of each department for each conflicting course. Contact each department for approval.

Registration Holds

If you have a "hold" on your registration, you will not be permitted to complete your registration until the hold has been released by the initiating office. The possible holds and office locations follow:

Office Contact Information
Office Location Phone
Student Business Center University Center 2nd Floor (740) 351-4357
Registrar's Office University Center 2nd Floor (740) 351-4734
Bursar's Office University Center 2nd Floor (740) 351-4287
Security Security Office (740) 351-3243
Student Life/Housing University Center (740) 351-3217

Pass/No-Credit Grading Option

The pass/no-credit option is designed to permit you to take a select number of courses for which no traditional letter grade (of "A" through "F") is recorded on your grade report and transcript. If you wish to take a course on a pass/no-credit basis, you must complete the proper forms at the registrar's office within the first 14 calendar days of a regular term or the first 7 calendar days of a 5-week term. Your decision to take a class on a pass/no-credit option, you must have earned a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.0 or better. First term freshmen are considered as having met the above requirement.

The pass/no-credit option is subject to the following restrictions:

  • You may complete up to 6 hours to be counted toward an associate degree or 12 hours to be counted toward a baccalaureate degree under this option.
  • You may take only one (1) course pass/no-credit per term.
  • Applicability of courses taken pass/no-credit toward your major program of study is subject to departmental approval.
  • To receive a grade of P (pass), you must earn a grade of C- or better in the course. If you do not receive a grade of C- or better, a grade of NC (no credit) is awarded.
  • A grade will be turned in at the regular grade-processing time and will be converted to a P or NC on the transcript by the Office of the Registrar.

Audit (Non-Credit)

You may elect to take a course for non-credit (audit) during the first 35 class days of a semester (17 days of the 5-week summer session) by completing the proper form in the Student Business Center. Election of this option may affect federal financial aid eligibility.

Credit Limitations

You will be limited to registering for a maximum of 20 credit hours per term. Additional credits may be added to your schedule by seeking approval of the Registrar, University Center 2nd Floor, but there is a tuition surcharge for enrolling in more than 18 credit hours in any given term.

Variable Credit Course

Some courses are offered for a variable number of credit hours and are identified in the course descriptions as being variable credit, but only for the credit hours listed in the printed course schedule. If you want to register for variable credits other than what is listed, you must go in person to the Student Business Center, University Center 2nd floor, to have the hours changed to reflect the correct amount of credit you wish to attempt for the course.

Course Credit By Arrangement

Students have the opportunity to fulfill requirements for selected courses offered at Shawnee State University via independent study or specially arranged instruction. If you are interested in pursuing this educational option, you should first secure the advice of your faculty advisor as to its appropriateness for your program of study. You should then contact the appropriate dean, director, or chairperson. This individual, after consultation with appropriate faculty, makes a determination as to the feasibility of your request and will help you complete the Credit by Arrangement form. You may earn up to 12 credit hours toward graduation in this manner, with all credit being considered resident credit, but you are limited to 6 hours of credit by arrangement per semester. Students enrolling in a course by arrangement have until the date grades are due for the current semester to have all work completed in the course.

Credit hours attempted/earned via this option will count toward full-time student status. See the fee schedule for course by arrangement fees. Credit hours attempted via this option may count towards financial aid eligibility.

Withdrawing Completely

Withdrawal from the University is defined as dropping all classes on or after the earliest start date of any of your classes taken during the session/semester. This means all regular Shawnee State University classes for which you are registered.

You must go to the Student Business Center to initiate the withdrawal process. If you have any questions about withdrawing from the university, please reach out to the Student Business Center at (740) 351-4357 or Consult the Academic Calendar Important Dates for deadlines.

Any student receiving Title IV financial aid should seek advisement from the Office of Financial Aid prior to processing a complete withdrawal.

If you do not follow the withdrawal procedure, you are considered enrolled in the class and are graded accordingly.

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