Exempt Review

Research projects that the principal investigator and faculty supervisor (for student researchers) believes meet the qualifications for Exempt status must be reviewed by the IRB Chair or designee and granted such status officially before the researcher begins contacting participants or collecting data. Examples of Exempt studies include anonymous surveys and educational tests, among others. See the Exempt Review Application for studies that meet Exempt review status according to Exempt review procedures in 45 CFR § 46.110.

Once the application packet has been reviewed, if it meets the requirements for Exempt status, the IRB Chair will grant Exempt status to the project and notify researchers that they may begin the project. At least two weeks should be allowed for this process. If the IRB Chair determines that the study does not qualify for Exempt status, they will seek further information from the researchers as necessary or request re-submission as an Expedited Review proposal.

Expedited Review

The Chair of the IRB or another member of the IRB selected by the Chair may provide an Expedited review of research activities that pose minimal risks to the human subjects and is a research activity included on the list of activities subject to the Expedited review procedures in 45 CFR § 46.110. Studies that will be eligible for Expedited review will involve minimal risk to subjects if the subjects are adults and not part of a vulnerable population, or no risk to subjects from a vulnerable population. The minimal risk should include no greater risk than what is experienced during normal, everyday activities. 

Any research activities afforded an Expedited review will be reported to the full IRB by the IRB Chair. At least three weeks should be allowed for this process. If the reviewer does not agree with the Expedited review decision, the proposal will then be sent to the entire IRB for full review and vote at the next regular meeting.

Full Review

The IRB Chair will provide a copy of the Full review application packet to each IRB committee member. A Full review will be required if the proposed study involves minimal risk to a subject from a vulnerable population or greater than minimal risk to any subject. Comments, questions, or requests for additional information will be directed to the principal investigator following initial submission and review by IRB members. Each new proposal will be reviewed at the regular monthly meeting of the IRB. Proposals that are being re-submitted as directed by the IRB Chair or the IRB membership will also be reviewed at the next regular monthly meeting of the IRB. The IRB may approve, deny, or request additional information for any proposal on the agenda. The IRB is not responsible for reviewing any submission received less than five working days prior to the regularly scheduled meeting.