Faculty play a major role in supporting students with disabilities. Accessibility Services and the ADA Compliance Committee are available as a resource to you in addressing your students needs. 

University ADA Statement for Course Syllabi (2019-20)

Any student who believes s/he may need an academic accommodation based on the impact of a documented disability should first contact a Coordinator in the Office of Accessibility Services, Hatcher Hall, (740) 351-3106 to schedule a meeting to identify potential reasonable academic accommodation(s). Students are strongly encouraged to initiate the academic accommodation process in the early part of the semester or as soon as the need is recognized.

After meeting with the Coordinator, students are encouraged to meet with their instructors during the instructor’s office hours to discuss their specific needs related to their disability. The academic accommodation letter will be sent to the instructor and student via secure e-mail prior to the semester start date.

Any questions regarding the academic accommodations on the letter should be addressed to the Coordinator of Accessibility Services. If a student does not make a timely request for academic accommodations and/or fails to meet with the Coordinator of Accessibility Services, a reasonable academic accommodation might not be able to be provided.