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Student Employment is an on-campus employment opportunity for eligible students.

There are part-time jobs available on campus that vary in skill level, offering you the opportunity to further develop work-life skills.

How to Apply for Student Employment

Student Employment positions are posted on the Career Opportunities at SSU applicant portal. Students can apply online at any time for any posted job - just click on the 'Apply to this Job' link in the Posting. 

Please submit only one application per semester. Sending multiple applications does not increase your chances of obtaining student employment. Duplicate applications will be deleted.

IMPORTANT: filling out an application does not guarantee that you will be hired. If you are hired by a department on campus, you must go to Human Resources to complete the necessary employment paperwork before starting work.

What is the difference between Student Employment and College Work Study?

Student employees are paid from department funds. Federal College Work Study students are paid from federal funds as part of their financial aid package. Therefore, financial need is considered as part of the Federal College Work Study award process.

To apply for Federal Work Study, contact the Financial Aid office. Wages earned under Student Employment or Federal Work Study are not applied to a student's financial aid package.

Student Employment New Hire Paperwork and Information

Welcome to Shawnee State University! Congratulations on your new position.  We value our student employees and look forward to working with you.

The attached guide below will assist you with the completion of the new hire paperwork. 

New Hire Guide (PDF)

Step 1: New Hire Paperwork
Electronic Completion

Student Employment New Hire Electronic Paperwork

Next, you’ll need to complete your New Hire paperwork. The new hire paperwork can be completed online below using Docusign. Once you are ready to complete your new hire paperwork, here are a few tips:

  1. First, you need to click the link (below this guide) listed as “Student Employment New Hire Paperwork.”
  2. You’ll need to enter your First Name, Last Name and your Shawnee State email address. Click “Begin Signing.”
  3. The new hire paperwork will be sent to your email. You’ll need to open the document and complete all the required fields in Red.  
  4. The Docusign system will timeout after 30 minutes; If you begin completing the paperwork but need to return at a later time to complete, you can select “other actions” in the top right corner and select “finish later.” In order to access the new hire paperwork for completion at a later time, you will need to access through the original email you received from Docusign.
  5. Once you’ve completed your new hire paperwork, you will receive an email from Docusign with the completed documents. Human Resources will also receive a copy via email.

Step 2: New Hire Paperwork
In-Person – HR Office

After completing the electronic paperwork, you will need to stop by HR to complete several paper documents including:

  • I-9 Verification (must provide two forms of original ID-i.e. Driver’s License, Social Security Card, Passport)
  • Retirement Documents: OPERS Enrollment or Exemption form (upon hire/rehire, OPERS will send a unique link to your e-mail to submit your exemption request.) Student exemption must be submitted within 30 days of employment start date.
  • FERPA Documents

Student Worker Responsibilities

Pay Schedule & Time Cards:

Student Time Cards are due in Bear Trax every other Friday (on pay-day Fridays) by 1:00 p.m. The Student Worker Pay Schedule and Time Card Instructions are attached below.

Supervisor (Administrative) Responsibilities


When the department has a vacant student employment position to fill, the supervisor should refer to the Primary Requirements section below for recent information concerning student-related employment.  Appropriate job information is required in order to generate a Posting for the open position. Once Human Resources has received the proper and required information, the job will be posted within five (5) working days.

DocuSign Paperwork:

Please note: Supervisors must be certain that students do not begin working until all employment paperwork is completed.

Authorizations to Hire must be completed including all necessary funding account numbers (e.g. XX-XXXX-XX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX). Please refer to the Bear Trax Chart of Accounts Crosswalk (XLSX). Please note that the wage rate for student employees is now shown in the Job Categories document. Once the Authorization to Hire has been approved and submitted, please ensure your student employee completes the retirement and I-9 forms in Human Resources before starting work.

The supervisor must complete the required Authorization to Hire through DocuSign. Please select the applicable authorization to hire form below:

Bear Trax

Supervisors must approve their student workers' time cards by 9:00 a.m. every other Monday.

Primary Requirements

Job Categories have been developed for Student & Student-Related Employment that include Job Description Templates for most offices or areas on campus.  

  • Job Categories address the purpose for each job type (e.g., student employment, resident assistant, internship, graduate assistant, and fellowship). They also describe the nature of the work, payment structure and work hours for each.  The categories for students and graduates are defined below.
  • Student Employment Job Description Templates provide the basic responsibilities and minimum requirements for a given job and will assist the Supervisor with describing the tasks needed for their area.  Refer to the "Job Description Templates" link below to find the job description that applies to student-related employment in individual offices or areas on campus.
  • Operational Student Employment Guidelines and Eligibility requirements have recently been updated. Review the “Student Employment Guidelines” link below for the most recent information.
  • Supervisor Assignment Guidelines - additional guidelines for work assignments and duties that outline the types of work students should be performing are explained in the “Student Assignment Guidelines” link below.

Feel free to contact Human Resources at (740) 351-3420 or Payroll at (740) 351-3104 if you have any questions.