Erik Larson

Erik Larson

Title: Associate Professor of Geology/Faculty Director of E-campus
Subject Area: Geology
Office Location: Massie 025
Phone: (740) 351-3144


Mississippi State University
Ph.D. in Earth and Atmospheric Science, 2014
Dissertation: Bahamian Quaternary geology and the global carbon budget

Unity College
B.S. in Environmental Analysis, 2010
Senior Thesis: Paleoenvironmental change of Unity Pond, Waldo County, Maine


Dr. Erik Larson is an associate professor of geology in the Department of Natural Sciences at Shawnee State University. Dr. Larson’s areas of expertise are carbonate sedimentology and stratigraphy, GIS, and karst. His current areas of research interest involve Quaternary carbonate environments, carbonate island hydrology and geology, karst mapping techniques and technology, high latitude/glaciated karst, and the mid-Silurian geology of the Michigan Basin, and the application of GIS. Outside the classroom, Erik enjoys hiking, rock/mineral/fossil collecting, camping, reading, listening to music, railfanning, science fiction, and dabbling in stained glass.

Primary Course Offerings

  • GEOL 1201 – Physical Geology and the Human Environment
  • GEOL 1350 – Planet Earth
  • GEOL 1401 – Climate Change
  • GEOL 2204 – Sedimentary Rocks / Stratigraphy
  • GEOL 3100 – Field Studies in Regional Geology 
  • GEOL 4212 – Advanced Geologic Mapping
  • GEOL 4310 – Geomorphology
  • GEOL 4311 – Surface and Groundwater Hydrology
  • GEOL 4420 – Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

Activities and Research

2 people by rock formation by water


Erik’s research and scholarly efforts focus on the following:

  • Sedimentology / stratigraphy of Paleozoic carbonates in the mid-west
  • High latitude / glaciated karst
  • Coastal geomorphology of the Upper-Peninsula, Michigan
  • Karst of southern Ohio
  • Geologic mapping and stratigraphy of southern Ohio
  • Carbonate island geology and hydrogeology
  • Modeling and measuring carbonate dissolution rates
  • Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to bridge academia and the public
  • Water quality of roadside retention ponds
  • Intersection of botany and geology

Erik’s research is heavily field based and undergraduate students are involved in every step of the research process: from project design, to implementation, to presentation at a regional or national meeting. If you have any interest in Erik’s research or would like a current CV please do not hesitate to get in touch with him!

person sitting on large rock formation

Peer-reviewed Publications

* indicates undergraduate student.

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Additional Information

  • 2019: Young Scientist Award – Given by the Geological Society of America’s Karst Division 
  • 2018: Award for Excellence in Research and Scholarship – Given by the Shawnee State University Faculty Senate
  • Ohio Cave Survey
  • American Association of Petroleum Geologists
  • Geological Society of America
  • National Speleological Society