A Guide for Friends and Family as Career Coaches

Your influence is pivotal in guiding a student through their career journey. These insights will empower you to be an effective career coach, supporting them in making informed decisions about their academic path and future careers.

Navigating Career Coaching Year by Year


Explore their interests and passions to lay a solid foundation for their academic journey.

First-Year Career Coaching

Sophomore Year:

Dive deeper into career exploration within their chosen field to expand their horizons.

Sophomore Year Career Coaching

Junior Year:

Specialize their focus within their major and seek hands-on experiences for skill development.

Junior Year Career Coaching

Senior Year:

Prepare them for the transition into the professional world and provide support as they embark on their career journey after graduation.

Senior Year Career Coaching

Your active involvement and encouragement will pave the way for your student's success. Together, let's embark on this transformative journey towards a fulfilling career.