Live Presentations
Monday April 8th
10 am–Noon
Flohr Lecture Hall Library 204

“Animal-Assisted Therapy for Stress-Relief in the Medical Setting”
Jenna Wireman
Major: Dental Hygiene and BSHS

“Bordetella bronchiseptica and Pasteurella multocida Attachment to Pig Cells”
Marli Holderness
Major: Biomedical Sciences

Wesley Jones
Major: Chemistry

“Perspectives Regarding Gender Affirming Care”
Leo Barhnart
Major: Nursing

“Amino Acid Racemization Dating”
Wesley Jones
Major: Chemistry

“An Exploration of Spherical Geometry”
Abaigail McKinney
Major: Integrated Mathematics 7-12

Poster Presentations
Tuesday April 9th
11 am–1 pm
Morris University Center Lobbies

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Humanities Presentations
Wednesday April 10th
2–5 pm
Flohr Lecture Hall Library 204

“Girl Defined and the Representation of Women's Sexuality”
Kaitlyn Cooper
Major: English/Humanities with Communication Concentration

“The Impact on Student Attitudes When Learning Vocabulary through Brain-based Activities in a 10th-grade English Classroom”
Chalee Hettinger 
Major: Integrated Language Arts AYA 1-12

“Investigating the Effects of Student-Teacher Writing Conferences on Student Ability and Attitude”
Lauren Carter
Major: Integrated Language Arts AYA 7-12

Trustees Presentations
Thursday April 11th
3–5 pm
Morris University Center East Ballroom

“Science Simulations for Secondary Schools: How Virtual Laboratories Can Affect Classroom Enthusiasm and Motivation Regarding Science”
Noah Nichols
Major: AYA Integrated Science (7-12)

“You Can Be an Earth Warrior Too”
Ashlyn Pfau
Major: Natural Sciences- Biology, Environmental Life Science Minor

"Relationships between Social Media Comparisons and Eating Disorders in Men"
Gwendolyn Bowman
Major: Psychology 

Awards and Keynote
Thursday April 11th
6–9 pm
Morris University Center East Ballroom

Trevor Bihl, PhD
Senior Engineer Air Force Research Laboratory

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Live Presentations
Friday April 12th
11 am
Flohr Lecture Hall

“Viability of Seed Stock at Shawnee State University”
Ashlyn Pfau
Major: Natural Sciences - Biology, Environmental Life Science Minor

“From Pitch to Progress: The Evolution of a Passion Project”
Quinlan Rentzsch
Winner of last year's Game Design Pitch Competition at the Shawnee Games Convention and recipient of a grant for game development

“Digital Tools: Effects on Vocabulary Acquisition and Retention in an 8th Grade Math Class”
Whitney Breech
Major: Middle Childhood Education

“The Effects of Bellwork on Student Focus in a High School Math Classroom”
Abaigail McKinney
Major: Integrated Mathematics 7-12

“Rachel’s Challenge: An Investigation of Impact within a High School Setting”
Payton Porter
Major: Integrated Social Sciences AYA Education 7-12

"Cosmic Radiation and Solar Storms"
Jordan Bowman
Major: Astronomy and Astrophysics 

Campus Picnic
Friday April 12th
Morris University Center Lobbies

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