What is Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)?

Shawnee State University has a commitment to maintaining an environment in which all members of the campus community are safe and supported and in which students can pursue personal and academic development.  In keeping with this goal, the Behavioral Intervention Team members (BIT) are available to administrators, faculty, and staff who are concerned about student behavior that may be potentially dangerous to self or others, or is disruptive and/or threatening.

When to Report

The role of BIT is to assess potential risk of harm, consult with others affected by the behavior, develop a strategic and coordinated response as needed, and make recommendations to the person seeking consultation.  Issues appropriate for the BIT include, but are not limited to, assessment of potential violence, disruptive behavior with or without evidence of mental illness, and setting appropriate behavioral boundaries.  Recommendations of the BIT are not binding and do not carry the force of university policy.

Who is on the Team?

Core BIT members are the Coordinator for Accessibility Services, Dean of Students, Vice President for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs, Director of Counseling and Health Services, and Director of Public Safety.  Additional members may be sought among the campus community as dictated by the needs of each specific case and the programs and services in which the particular student is involved.

How to Report?

Complete the form below to report a behavior, academic or personal concern. The Dean of Students will assess the situation and make necessary referrals.

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