Understanding the Evaluation Process

When a technology purchase request is made on campus, ITS is included in the approval work flow in order to:

  • Determine if the technology will function as intended on the SSU network
  • Ensure the department will receive the necessary support for the technology requisitioned
  • Ensure the terms and conditions for using the technology meet campus requirements and vendor expectations
  • Help the department understand the licensing requirements for technology installation and usage
  • Determine if there are any additional technology requirements required, such as needing to purchase a digital certificate from a Certificate Authority
  • Evaluate how long the technology investment will function until a refresh is required

This evaluation is initiated when a Technology Initiative Request is submitted to ITS, an approval request is received for purchase through SciQuest, or as part of the standard work flow for evaluating contracts associated with the purchase of technology. ITS will do its best to complete the evaluation of each request in a timely manner, as we receive them. Some evaluations may take longer based on the scope of purchase, and when we are required to follow-up with the vendor to answer questions.

Shawnee State receives special pricing on many technologies used on campus, as a result of:

  • Inter-University Council (IUC) purchasing agreements for state institutions
  • State term pricing arrangements
  • Standard acquisitions with vendors and volume purchasing
  • Shared services with other state institutions of higher education

Refer to the standard technology purchases and their current pricing information within SciQuest, for the most common technology acquisitions needed on campus.

It is important for departments to understand associated service level agreements (SLAs) required for maintenance and support of acquired technology, prior to purchases being consummated. The recurring costs for these services can make up a substantial portion of the entire cost of ownership of the technology during its useful life. Please contact ITS for any assistance needed during the evaluation of SLAs when acquiring new technology.