Welcoming Guest Lecturers From Around the World

The Jane M.G. Foster Distinguished Lecture Series at Shawnee State brings world renowned authors, leaders and experts in a variety of academic fields to campus each year. The series is made possible through a fund established by Jane M.G. Foster, one of only two women to graduate Cornell University in 1918.

Upcoming Events:

Jeffery Reaser

Appalachian Dialects at School: Deficit? Difference? Asset?

Jeffrey Reaser, PhD

Author and Professor of Linguistics
North Carolina State University

Friday, October 29 at 3:00 pm
Clark Memorial Library
Flohr Lecture Hall

Language, perhaps more than any other discipline, is fundamental to all academic pursuits. Unfortunately, widespread beliefs persist about the academic abilities of people who speak what are often called “non-mainstream dialects,” including Appalachian English.

Research from over fifty years ago demonstrated these assumptions are baseless (e.g., Labov 1969); however, there is no denying that linguistic deficit beliefs persist in American educational contexts, and the educational ramifications of these beliefs are severe. Accordingly, linguists have worked to integrate scientific information about language into teacher education programs, professional development, and in classroom interventions.

This talk examines some of the historical and current initiatives aimed at bringing linguistic information and educational interventions into Appalachian contexts.

This virtual event is sponsored by the SSU Development Foundation.

The community is invited to attend this lecture, which is free of charge.

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