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Pursue your education your way

Flexible online & in-person courses are designed to accommodate both working adults and college students.

We have designed flexibility into our MBA program with two unique pathways, one for working professionals and one for current Shawnee State Business majors.

Program at a glance:
  • Start Date: Multiple Start Dates available. Contact MBA Program Director to learn more:
  • Program Length: 12 months full-time/24 months part-time
  • Credit Hours: 30
  • Course Length: 7 weeks
  • Transfer Credits Accepted: 9
  • Graduate Tuition Cost*: Learn more

*In-state Tuition for Ohio and the following Kentucky counties: Boyd, Carter, Elliott, Fleming, Greenup, Lawrence, Lewis, Mason and Rowan.

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MBA for Working Professionals

Earn an MBA your way!
  • Choose to attend classes full-time and complete your MBA in as little as 12 months, or take courses as time allows in your schedule.
  • Each course is 7-weeks.
  • Classes meeting in-person 3 times during the 7-week course. The remaining classes are held online!

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Accelerated Bachelor’s + MBA for Shawnee State Business Majors

Save Time & Money!

Qualified Shawnee State students currently majoring in Business may take up to three MBA courses in the last year of their studies, earning credit for both the undergraduate and graduate degree at the same time!

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Hybrid MBA for International Students

Obtain an MBA from Anywhere in the United States!

The hybrid MBA program at SSU offers the freedom to live anywhere in the United States.

  • Each course is 7 weeks.
  • Classes meet in person 3 times during the 7-week course. The remaining classes are held online!
  • Required attendance to the Portsmouth, Ohio campus is only 3 times per 7-week course. All travel costs to and from SSU’s campus are at the student’s expense.
  • Attend classes full-time and complete your MBA in as little as 12 months.

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Degree Requirements

Courses & Requirements*
30 Hours Total
Course Hours
Entrepreneurship & Growth 3
Information Systems for Management 3
Innovation & Leadership 3
Integrative Marketing Management 3
Regulation & Ethics in Business 3
Risk & Financial Management 3
Strategic Data Analytics 3
Strategic Supply Chain Management 3
Strategic Profitability Analysis 3
Capstone Experience 3

*Leadership, entrepreneurship, the Appalachian experience, and hands-on learning are infused into each course

2023-2025 Course Schedule

Complete your MBA at your pace. Enter the program at any point.

Full-time students (those taking two courses each 7-week session) may complete the Shawnee MBA in as little as 12 months. We provide a two-year schedule for flexibility for those who choose to take one course each 7-week session. Build your schedule around your work and life.

Year 1

Choose to take one or two courses each 7-week session.

Classes are held on either Thursday evenings or Saturdays. Meet in-person 3 times over the 7-week course, with all other instruction and interaction online.

Fall 2023: First 7-weeks

August 21–October 13
Thursdays: Information Systems for Management
Saturdays: Integrative Marketing Management

Fall 2023: Second 7-weeks

October 16–December 1
Thursdays: Strategic Supply Chain Management
Saturdays: Strategic Data Analytics

Spring 2024: First 7-weeks

January 8–February 23
Thursdays: Risk and Financial Management
Saturdays: Regulation and Ethics in Business

Spring 2024: Second 7-weeks

March 4–April 19
Thursdays: Innovation and Leadership
Saturdays: Strategic Profitability Analysis

Summer 2024

May 6–June 21
Thursdays: Entrepreneurship & Growth

Year 2

Choose to take the courses you need to complete your program.

Classes are held on either Thursday evenings or Saturdays. Meet in-person 3 times over the 7-week course, with all other instruction and interaction online.

Fall 2024: First 7-weeks

August 26–October 9
Thursdays: Integrative Marketing Management
Saturdays: Information Systems for Management

Fall 2024: Second 7-weeks

October 14–December 6
Thursdays: Strategic Data Analytics
Saturdays: Strategic Supply Chain Management

Spring 2025: First 7-weeks

January 13–March 2
Thursdays: Regulation and Ethics in Business
Saturdays: Risk and Financial Management

Spring 2025: Second 7-weeks

March 10–May 2
Thursdays: Strategic Profitability Analysis
Saturdays: Innovation and Leadership

Summer 2025

May 12–June 27
Thursdays: Entrepreneurship & Growth

Note: Applied Capstone Experience – Portfolio and Applied Capstone Experience – Internship will be offered each 7 weeks as needed and should only be taken during your last term.

SSU student in Business classroom

About the C.H. Lute School of Business

The C.H. Lute School of Business at Shawnee State University prepares leaders, problem-solvers, and innovators of tomorrow. Here, we believe in applied learning. That means you get the opportunity to go beyond theory to put your skills to work through unique hands-on experiences, internships and practicums.

Kricker Innovation Hub startup space

Enhanced Experiences through the Kricker Innovation Hub

Shawnee State University recently opened its Kricker Innovation Hub, a facility designed to inspire entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity, in downtown Portsmouth near the west entrance to Shawnee State’s campus.

Through the Kricker Innovation Hub, students, faculty and business leaders have the opportunity to collaborate on projects and access resources for business development. Shawnee State business majors have participated in business pitch competitions, entrepreneurship boot camps and business start-up events offered through the Hub.

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