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To provide a sisterhood experience rich with tradition, innovation, and opportunities for growth.


To inspire and empower our sisterhood by engaging in a lifetime of leadership and service.


Esse Quam Videri: to be rather than to seem to be.


In today's world, a woman can be so many things: a friend, a mother, a teacher, or even the president. DPhiE encourages each sister, above all else, to be true to who you are.

DPhiE has identified five areas of development and personal growth among our members which cultivate a well-rounded and balanced woman. These areas are known as our five S's - Scholarship, Self, Service, Sisterhood, and Social. Every active undergraduate member of DPhiE is expected to complete 21 PEARLs (or activities) each academic year. The purpose is so she can intentionally engage in activities that fulfill areas of each of the five S's. By the end of the year, each sister will complete at least four PEARLs associated with each S, in addition to a Personal Development Pearl (PDP), a long term goal that a sister will work on over the course of the year. PDPs are focused around something that a sister wants to personally improve upon in her life.

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