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November 29 & 30, 2023

You are invited to attend the fall 2023 Honors Symposium, which will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 29 and Thursday Nov. 30 from 4–5:30 pm. Each of the Honors students who completed an Honors conference this semester will be sharing the results of their projects during this event, and we hope you'll come out to support them in their work.

Wednesday, Nov. 29

4:00–5:30 pm
Massie 020

Christopher Martens

Applications of Procedural Generation in Video Games

This presentation will cover my research into methods of procedural generation of content by computers. I will primarily be focusing on the applications of these methods within video games, including game levels and terrain. I will discuss algorithms such as cellular automata and grammars and how they can be used to generate content procedurally.

Current major or area of academic interest: Game Programming
Mentor: Jason Witherell

Grace Ryan

How To Prepare for Your Own Death 

This presentation will cover the process of preparing for death, both emotionally and legally. It will also include the psychological and physical aspects of death and dying, common death fears and how to overcome them/ why they exist. 

Current major or area of academic interest: BSOT 3+2
Mentor: Rhoni Maxwell-Rader

Haley Magee

The Gold Coins and Piranha Plants of Indie Development

This is a presentation on all the different aspects that independent game developers should be mindful of. This includes an examination of previous indie success, the trends and patterns of those games, and all the pro tips a project can be equipped with. These conclusions are drawn from a plethora of sources ranging from industry articles and blogs, talks from those within the industry, and even an interview or two from local professionals. 

Current major or area of academic interest: Game Programming
Mentor: Jason Witherell

Avery Storer

The Importance of Transnational Women in the United States Education System Today

I have outlined cultural practices of transnational women of influence and the various processes that they use. In turn, I will be presenting how these women have impacted our education system and the many ways that their processes are still being used/modeled today.

Current major or area of academic interest: AYA English Education - Spanish and TESOL
Mentor: Pablo Salinas

Michael Rumpff

The DDTXT Language

The DDTXT file format allows for the writing of E-Books, primarily short stories, dynamically. Instead of being fixed, like most digital books, the DDTXT format allows for easy modifications. I will briefly explain how this works and then present a live demonstration of reading and modifying a DDTXT file.

Current major or area of academic interest: Game and Simulation Arts
Mentor: James Hudson

Mickayla Haemmerle

Corporatocracy in Government structures

A State and international analysis This essay is an analysis of the social-political interactions between government structures and corporations. It tells about their manipulation and harm to international and internal policy. It also elaborates on the behaviorism of consumers in an economic system dominated by capitalism.

Current major or area of academic interest: Political Science
Mentor: Chip Poirot

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Thursday, Nov. 30

4:00–5:30 pm
MUC 214

Kyle Maroscher

Mobile Game Development in Godot: Challenges and Solutions

I will be demonstrating my experience using Godot Engine for Mobile development and the challenges, drawbacks, solutions and benefits thereof. In addition, I will be presenting the result of my development as a published mobile game.

Current major or area of academic interest: Game Engineering and Digital Simulation
Mentor: Jason Witherell

Alex Loudenslager

Journey Towards a Creative Affinity

I will explain how experimenting with game design and pitching the game to industry judges in a competition informed me about the things I value creatively and how projects like this help creatives understand their values and what their creative affinity or most relevant industry skillset would be based on their values.

Current major or area of academic interest: Illustration Major
Mentor: Michael Reynolds

Corrine Woods

Cancer cells rely on a process called “the Warburg Effect.”

Unlike oxidative phosphorylation that takes place in the mitochondria in normal differentiating cells, cancer cells use aerobic glycolysis. Oxidative phosphorylation reduces oxygen to create ATP which is used to fuel processes of our cells. On the other hand, aerobic glycolysis causes the cells to produce large amounts of lactate even with oxygen present. Mutations in these cells may cause rapid growth instead of energy usage due to “the Warburg Effect.” Treating the cells with Dichloroacetate [DCA] causes the cancer cells to undergo oxidative phosphorylation instead of aerobic glycolysis allowing apoptosis to resume. Running several kill curves with this treatment has shown decreasing numbers over 48 hours. The evidence from this experiment along with other studies show how DCA may be able to control different types of cancer.

Current major or area of academic interest: Biomedical Sciences - Pre-Med Track
Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Napper

Elizabeth Sullivan

Engaging Secondary Language Arts Students through Interdisciplinary Contextualization

This study consisted of a literature review of best practices relating to engaging secondary students. It also took into account the already interdisciplinary Ohio State Standards for 12th language arts students. The main areas of emphasis found in the literature were the following: conceptually flexible understanding of knowledge, self-efficacy, self-regulation, interest and engagement, selection of relevant and engaging texts, discussion strategies, and multi-disciplinary perspectives. Based on these findings, I created a semester-long curriculum map to incorporate best practices for the construction of units, instruction, activities, and formative/summative assessments.

Current major or area of academic interest: AYA English Education with a minor in Philosophy
Mentor: Jodi Dunham

Maecee Johnson

Further Topics and Applications of Modern Algebra

During this Honors Conference, we examined some results and applications that are not included in the Modern Algebra course. Namely, we studied matrix groups, matrix representations, the presentation of Dby generators and relations, External Direct Products, Isomorphisms, Homomorphisms, normal subgroups, quotient groups, cosets, and the First Isomorphism Theorem.

Current major or area of academic interest: Mathematical Sciences with an Actuarial Concentration
Mentor: Preston Nichols

Makayla Aiken

I am putting together an honors portfolio on my previous projects, gathering views on community engagement in Portsmouth Ohio from retirement home residents, musculoskeletal fitness in children, occupation therapy in Deaf culture, and OTs role in hospice and palliative care. I will be giving an overview of each project as well as intellectual and personal growth. I will also be discussing how my projects have led me to form goals for my career in occupational therapy. I will also be reflecting on co-curricular activities I have participated and sharing my favorite.

Current major or area of academic interest: Occupational therapy
Mentor: Ann Marie Allen

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