Welcome to Shawnee State University and Information Technology Services. ITS is charged to offer outstanding technology services to its faculty and staff. ITS supports the latest technologies for academic instruction, administrative computing and student learning. We ensure that enterprise systems and mission-critical functions are fully-operational on a continuous basis, standard technology is refreshed on schedule and that networked computing resources are available based on user roles, appropriate access guidelines and campus policy.

Aligned with the Department of Business and Finance, ITS promotes the continuous evaluation of technology upgrades and emerging technologies that further SSU’s Mission, in collaboration with campus departments and executive leadership.

If you find you need assistance with any of your Shawnee State technology needs, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. After all, IT is what we do!

New to SSU

Shawnee State University uses Microsoft Office356 for network authentication and as our standard suite of email and office applications. We refer to this account as your Shawnee Network Account.

All new employees are encouraged to visit the New Employee Account Set-up site.

Here you will walk through setting up a password for your Shawnee Network Account on the Microsoft Office365 portal. During this setup process, you will need to setup the required security features like Self-Service Password security questions and Multi-factor Authentication on your account. Please have your mobile phone available when you activate your account. The Multi-factor Authentication process will send you a security code by text to verify your mobile phone number.

Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR)

Shawnee State University provides a Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) feature that allows you to reset your password without contacting the IT Service Desk. To take advantage of the SSPR feature, simply click “Forgot Password” on the Office365 login screen on your office computer or at and follow the directions on the screen.

Wireless Access

Shawnee State University is a mobile friendly campus. Employees can connect to the Shawnee Wireless Network using their Shawnee Network Account. The Wi-Fi Network is named Shawnee
To connect to the Wi-Fi:

  1. Follow the normal Wi-Fi connection process for your device
  2. Select Shawnee from the Wi-Fi options
  3. Enter your SSU Network username and password when prompted
  4. For more detailed instructions, visit here

Microsoft Office Suite At Home Use Rights

Employees are eligible to download the latest version of the Microsoft Office Suite on up to 5 personal devices at no cost. 
To download the Microsoft Office Suite:

  1. Visit
  2. Use your Shawnee Network Account username and password to login
  3. Once in the Office365 dashboard, look to the upper right side and you will see a button labeled
  4. “Install Office”.  
  5. Click the button and select the options that are applicable for you to start the installation.

Safe File Storage and Microsoft Office365 OneDrive

Files should never be saved to the hard drive of any University computer. There is no backup of this information and it may not be recovered in the instance of a hard drive failure.  ITS offers secure network storage using the OneDrive App in Offcie365. OneDrive is a cloud based storage that can be accessed from any place you have internet access from.

Some departments utilize shared folders on campus departmental storage servers. If your department utilizes this type of storage, your department supervisor will be able to assist you with accessing the department folders established for storing and sharing documents within your department.

ITS strongly recommends that you never store institutional documents on mobile devices that will leave the campus, All employees are required to ensure that documents of an institutional nature or containing personally identifiable student information are protected. Please review the best security practices to learn more about how to protect your data.

International Access to University Network Resources

The ability to Login to Shawnee State University network resources is only permitted from network addresses located within the United States. For university employees, this means any resources associated with your login. This includes access to email, Microsoft 365, Teams, Blackboard, Library resources, and your One Drive files. If ITS is notified that you will be traveling outside of the United States, we can grant appropriate permissions to allow you access from abroad. 

Anyone who plans to travel outside of the United States and wishes to access these resources while traveling can request temporary international access.

How to request temporary international access:

Submit an IT Service Form

  1. Form should be submitted at least 1 week prior to travel.
  2. Request must include the beginning and end dates that you require temporary international access.
  3. Request must include the countries you will be needing access from.

IT Service Desk

The IT Service Desk is a full service support center. We are located on the lower level of the Clark Memorial Library.

The best way to contact the IT Service Desk is by submitting an IT Support Form that includes the details for your issue.

Technicians at SSU can only work on personally-owned computers if the issue relates to network connectivity. If your computer is experiencing issues beyond network connectivity our technicians will not be able to provide assistance.

IT Service Desk contact information:

IT Service Desk

Support Form:  IT Support Form
Phone:             (740) 351-3538

IT Policies & Guidelines

Shawnee State University is governed by Policy 5.30 and Conditions for Use, that outline appropriate use and authority for technology made available to the campus.

ITS adheres to established guidelines as a way to provide a consistent quality of service to the entire campus, and implements campus IT standards whenever possible to ensure a managed approach to information technology for the University.

All employees are expected to abide by Policy 5.30 and the ITS guidelines. It is recommended that all new employees review these items carefully.

Emergency Notification System

Shawnee State provides an emergency notification service called SSU Alert. This is provided to keep you informed in the event of an emergency or any University closure. Notifications can be received in a variety of forms including phone call, text message, and email message. To receive emergency notifications from this service you must register through MySSU, the student portal.

To enroll in the SSU Alert system:

  1. Visit MySSU
  2. Login using your Shawnee Network Account
  3. Go to the MyInfo tab
  4. Click the Emergency/SSU Alert link
  5. Provide your contact information for the contact methods you prefer


Important Notice to Employees on File Sharing Statement and Copyright Infringement

Employees are reminded that sharing of copyrighted materials over the network such as software, music, images, videos, publications, or any other protected materials is a violation of federal copyright statutes and is strictly prohibited. Violators may be subject to serious fines and penalties.