Research in Progress Podcast

Episode 1: Dr. Tim Hamilton

In this episode, our host, Dr. Jen Scott interviews Dr. Tim Hamilton, Professor of Astronomy and Physics at Shawnee State University. Tim talks about his research involving quasars and black holes in active galaxies.

Dr. Hamilton speaks about the life of a professor in the extra-galactic astronomy field, how galaxies form, super massive black holes, and distant quasars called Seyfert galaxies.

If you are interested in gamma rays, the Hubble Space Telescope, and astronomy, this podcast is for you.

Dr. Hamilton concludes with a discussion of multiple resources for further investigation and specifics about fascinating projects his students can get involved with at SSU.

Download Episode 1 (mp3)

Episode 2: Dr. Monica Orlando

In this episode, Dr. Jen Scott interviews Dr. Monica Orlando, Associate Professor of English and Humanities at Shawnee State University. Monica has completed research about disability and how it is portrayed in children’s literature.

In her research, she looks at picture books for young children that feature trends in depicting disability that she sees as promising.

Specifically, Dr. Orlando looks for “children’s books that work to show that disability, far from being a definitive characteristic that makes the disabled person, particularly the disabled child, irretrievably different from the nondisabled, does not prevent children with disabilities from having ‘everyday’ experiences that are recognizable, identifiable, and shared with those without disabilities.”

Download Episode 2 (mp3)