Dear Colleagues:

Occasionally the University receives questions about damaged or stolen personal property stored on campus.  Such property may range from a picture frame to an expensive item of furniture.  The University typically leaves decisions about the appropriateness of storing such items in an employee's workspace up to the individual and their departments but it is important that each person understands that these items are not covered under the University's insurance and s/he cannot be reimbursed if the property is stolen or damaged.

Personal property used or stored on University premises is the responsibility of its owner.  Basic homeowners or renters insurance policies do not always cover personal property stored at one's work place. Employees should check with their insurance carrier to determine the extent of their coverage.

This expectation also applies to personal items used in work for the University.  Some examples include a camera, tape recorder, or laptop computer. These items are not covered by the University's insurance unless they are required as a condition of employment with the employee.

Requests for reimbursement or new purchases to repair/replace personal items will not be approved even if the employee's department wishes to do so.  If you have any questions regarding insurance and property coverage, please contact Joe VanDeusen at (740) 351-3310 or